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The chkdsk disk utility provides the volume serial number, disk space, and memory allocation,

but doesn’t check for errors in

A. Windows Me. C. Windows XP.

Protocol binding order refers to

A. the suggested order in which support documentation should be arranged.

B. communication between various computers on a network.

C. a software-driven set of protocols on a networked computer.

D. a user-defined order of protocols on a networked computer.

B. Windows NT. D. Windows 2000.

In what order do extensions and control panels on Mac OS 9.x load?

A. Control panel, then extensions in alphabetical order

B. System, display, then peripheral device

C. In the order of installation

D. Memory, system, then display

18. Where is an expanded explanation of an existing hardware problem found?

A. Help and Support Hardware screen C. Version Checker log file

B. Device Properties dialog box D. Hardware Compatibility Table

19. What tool is used to track an applications usage of resources?

A. Performance Monitor C. Virtual Desktop Manager

B. Device Manager D. Direct Memory Access

20. Direct X supports

A. disk I/O. C. PnP BIOS.

B. processor clock cycle time. D. graphics.

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