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howm do i attach alice?

alice im new how do i attach pics?

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    Step by step.

    There are many ways to do it...This is what I have the most success with..

    RIGHT clicking on those items usually pops up a box and gives you the option of where to send it...I send it to the DESKTOP. You will get an icon for it, which you can delete by right clicking on it after you are done.

    Go to your email and click on COMPOSE. Then click on ATTACH located just under your subject line. At least five lines will pop up with the word BROWSE on each one of them. click on BROWSE and when the box comes up something will be in the LOOK IN box...If it is not there place DESKTOP in this box. This can be accomplished by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the LOOK IN BOX. DESKTOP should be one of the options. Just click on it and it will end up in the LOOK IN box.Everything on your desktop will be displayed, which should include those that you sent there. Click on the first one you want and it should go to the bottom box. When you click on OPEN that should move it to the message you are composing and it will be in the first BROWSER box. Click on ATTACH FILES..located just to the left of CANCEL...and that should start the download to attach it to your message. Repeat for anything else you want to attach. Be careful not to download too much ( varies with each recipient) could be anywhere between 5MB and 20MB. good luck

    In addition,,,if the above dont on one of these sites...

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