Pop vs. Coffee - which is worst?

I was talking to one of my college buddies, and he informed me that he was going to make the switch from pop to coffee. He likes pop more, but he seems to think coffee is better for him. I was really surprised, because I thought coffee was waaaay worst. What does this community think about it?

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    Coffee is much better than soda is.

    Soda has two very bad things in it:

    High Fructose Corn Syrup, which inhibits insulin production, contributing to obesity and diabetes (potentially), and also inhibits copper metabolism, which is bad, especially in men, as it can affect the prostate and other parts of the reproductive system.

    It also has brominated vegetable oil. This is especially difficult for your body to digest, and every time I intake any, I get acne.

    Coffee has antioxidants, a cup of it has less than five calories, and tastes delicious if brewed correctly. It does have more caffeine, so if your buddy is sensitive to caffeine, he should be aware of it, but that's the only bad thing it has going for it. And some caffeine is good for you.

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    Coffee Vs Soda

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    Soda pop is absolutely FAR WORSE for you! There's no redeeming nutritional value at all. It's loaded with sugar (or artificial cancer-causing sweeteners); and the carbonation alone is terrible for your internal organs. Plus, dark sodas contain even more caffeine than coffee.

    On the other hand, coffee has caffeine, but has also been proven to help prevent some heart diseases, Alzheimer's, strokes, uterine cancer, and can help control diabetes. Just don't load it down with cream, sugar, syrups, whipped cream, etc.

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    Soda is way worse. Coffee has caffeine and it stains your teeth, but soda also has caffeine and not only it stains your teeth, it also erodes the enamel.

    Plain coffee has no sugar, and it has antioxidants that are good for you and can help prevent some diseases, plus it doesn't make you bloated like soda does. It's not the healthiest drink in the world, but real coffee is way better than soda. Of course, coffee drinks (i.e. the cup of whipped cream with a a teaspoon of coffee) are not good for you, but they're not coffee, they're whipped cream.

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    YES!!!!! omg yes!!! Try splenda though, zero cals. Anyway, coffee makes you retain water..ie-bloat/constipation. Not to mention it messes with your organs... soda is HORRIBLE for you.. not to mention completely wasted calories... again water retaining... Water helps flush out all the bad in your system, as does green tea (which has great antioxidants). Plus both are filling. Even if you weren't over weight i would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE ANYONE to make these life changes for their health. Xoxo.

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    as much as i love soda, it is a tad bit more worse than coffee. being that my last name is coffee and a lot of people happen to ask me questions about it, i keep myself up to date so that i don't get stuck on any question. coffee on the other hand has caffeine that can stunt your growth! the stains of coffee on your teeth are not worth the lovely taste. coffee also gives you an energy rush and then when you reach the peak, YOU CRASH!!!!!!!! which is completely unhealthy for any person. most people drink coffee to stay awake, but in some ways its worse. like i said before the crash and the teeth stains are not worth it. COFFEE IS WORSE. message back and tell me what you think about my answer please.

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    pop is worse. soda is ALL sugar and it is terrible for your teeth. coffee isn't that great for you either but its not as bad as pop.

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