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why wont my command prompt work?

when i click on the icon for command prompt it ask me if i want to run it. I click yes. After that the explorer bar and all my windows open will close and then after a few seconds they will appear again. But there's no command prompt in sight. Why wont it open. and im running on windows xp media center server pack 3


even when i made all those .bat files it still wont let me open command prompt. and in the mean time my computer is scanning for viruses.

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    Sounds like it runs and processes a command to killtask explorer.exe (The Desktop) and then it run explorer.exe again. Open notepad and write the following.

    call C:/WINDOWS/system32/cmd.exe

    Save it as a .bat file, make sure it isn't .bat.txt, then locate the file and run it, it should open cmd and allow you to type commands, otherwise type your commands into a notepad file as before and then save it as .bat and run.

  • Anonymous
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    Instead of running it from your short cut, try running it from the Start menu. If it still will NOT run, you most likely have a Virus. Update & run your Anti-Virus programs!

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    try this

    Vista/XP Command Prompt Here 1.1

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    in the start menu, go to run, type in cmd.exe, hit enter

    if that doesnt work, run notepad (to get to it, go to the start menu, all programs, accesories, notepad) type in

    save it as whatever.bat, clik on it, and you'll have cmd

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