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who was the 1st person to receive an award for a nobel prize in dealing with dna?

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    The first Nobel prize for dealing with DNA after the discovery it was the material that carried hereditary information was shared by Joshua Lederburg and Beadle & Tatum in 1958.

    Lederburg showed that genetic material DNA could be passed from bacteria to bacteria. Specifically antibiotic resistance could be shared by a population.

    Beadle & Tatum demonstrated that mutations in one gene led to a change in an enzyme. This connected DNA and proteins for the first time.

    Watson, Crick and Wilkins was the third Nobel prize handed out for genetics in 1962 since Avery's discovery of DNA in 1944. It was for the structure of DNA.

    Source(s): under the Molecular Biology/Genetics heading.
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    Francis Harry Compton Crick

    Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins

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    Watson Crick and Wilkins.

  • I think Roseline Franklin deserves credit for this. So usual of history to forget the contributions of women.

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