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女孩將男孩女朋友遺體背走 .處理好兇器.並依照她生前的指示.將遺體作成石膏像送還給男孩,自己則是留下來陪在男孩身邊...

拜託了@@ 這段我一直很難翻出來

可以請好心人幫一下忙嗎 感激不盡!!

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    因為男孩患有夢遊症, 他會在睡夢中殺人

    Because the boy is diagnosed with somnambulism, he kills people when he is asleep.


    His girlfriend is not missing, but rather was killed by the boy when she was sleeping.


    She knows that some day she will be killed. Before she died, she called one of her friend to deal with her body.

    女孩將男孩女朋友遺體背走 .

    The girl took away the boy's girlfriend.

    處理好兇器. 並依照她生前的指示, 將遺體作成石膏像送還給男孩

    She safely handled the weapon, constructed the dead body into gypsum and gave it to the boy.


    She herself stayed with the boy...

    (and the cycle continues...)

    (就這樣日復一日重覆下去...) 呵呵 開個玩笑, 別介意...

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    Because the boy contracts the somnambulism, he will kill people in the sleep.His girlfriend is not missing, but is killed in the sleep by the boy.His girlfriend also knew that she will be killed one day. Dialed before dying has telephoned asks the girl to come the damage control.

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