Taking girlfriend to Les Miserables?

I have been going out with this girl for 5 months now (we are both in out late teens)

She is very much into the live band type music and the party type scene.

However, I have always had a strong interest in musicals, my favourite being Les Miserables.

I put it to her yesterday that I want to take her to see a production of this. Her reaction didnt change much, she said that if i like it though she probably would to.

Do u think it is a good idea to take her too see this (it will be her first musical she has been to too)


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    Yes! Les Mis is a very powerful show. It CAN be a bit tedious and long for someone with no interest in musical theatre, though. If it is done well, it is fascinating to watch, even if one really isn't into the story. Tell her there is live music and a party scene. ;-)

    The story and characters are confusing for a first-timer, so offer to give her a very basic synopsis (without spoiling it), if you think it will help her understand and enjoy it. It may be enough to just tell her that it is about a reformed inmate trying to be a better person, a mother's dreams for herself and her child, love, unrequited love, and people standing up for what they believe in. Those are universal themes with which pretty much anyone can identify. Be sure to tell her that you will answer any questions she has at intermission and after the show.

    Don't take it personally if she doesn't enjoy it. A contemporary musical may be a better fit for her right now. Whatever happens, tell her how much you appreciate her being willing to try something that you enjoy. Be sure to do the same for something she enjoys. :-)

    Source(s): 20+ years working professionally in theatre, film, and TV - including the national tour of Les Mis
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    I think she'll like it because I don't think there's anyone in the world who won't. Les Mis isn't a rock musical like Rent or anything like that, but the music is very memorable. If you have a cast recording, play it for her and see what she says.

    The plot can get complicated with all of the time passing, so make sure she has a good idea of the storyline. I would NOT show her the movie made in 1998 (maybe earlier or later) since it's not very true to the storyline.

    Is this a school edition or a professional production? Obviously you want her to see it with good singing/acting. I've seen some musicals put on by people who were.....sub par.

    She seems like she's willing to go, so I say go for it! If you get her into musical theatre, then you guys can buy season tickets and go see EVERY SINGLE SHOW!!! I'm so excited for you ^_^

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    4 years ago

    i lost count long ago how many times i'll seen this show, saw it again ast friday and have booked tickets again for june but may squeeze a visit in before that. yes it's over 3hrs long.i love it it's funny and sad. the music can be haunting and uplifting. it's a good cast at the minute and i can't wait to go back again. i'm sure your girlfriend and yourself will enjoy it. it has an intertwining storyline you ll need to follow that

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    Gen up on the storyline first, even if you are well acquainted with the French Revolution; it's pretty deep and dramatic and the songs aren't the "pretty" singalong style often associated with Musicals.

    A very haunting production.

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    Well, it's an amazing musical! I think that you should definitely take her, it's going to be a creative date. And if she's into what you're into, then I'm sure it'll be a success.

    AMAZING musical.

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    well you already siad that you would so do it.. don't ever back down from what you promised. if she dons't like it ask her why

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