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Why are Dems bashing on Hannity & Glenn Beck when they have Keith Olbermann & Rachel Maddow?

Olbermann & Maddow are potty mouthed & arrogant implying that anyone who disagrees with their small minded point of view is ignorant yet Dems talk about Sean Hannity & Glenn Beck being extreme? Please....

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    I was about to say "The same reasons Republicans bas on Olbermann & Maddow" but I realized just about the only times Republicans mention Olbermann & Maddow is when they are doing what you are doing - pointing out the hypocrisy of hating one biased commentator when the other side has its own biased commentators.

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    Keith and Rachel make no bones of their partisanship. What's more when they go on the attack, they back it up with irrefutable facts, as often as not the words of the guilty themselves. And on the occasion that they get it wrong, they publicly correct the matter. Olbermann has named himself the day's "Worst Person in the World" more than once for getting it wrong.

    You obviously did not hear both Keith's and Rachel's scathing attacks on Obama recently over the issue of both warrantless wiretapping which Obama plans upon expanding and Obama's refusal to prosecute CIA operatives for violating the laws against torture

    On the other hand, Beck and Hannity hide behind the laughable "Fair & Balanced" banner and flat out make stuff up when the facts don't support their stance. The putz a couple of days ago on Fox Noise caught off-mike correctly estimating a tea party crowd at 5,000 and then seconds later claiming 10,000 to 15,000 on air is classic Fox Noise.

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    I would suggest that Sean Hannity and Keith Olberman are equally biased. O'Reilly is strongly biased, but not like those two. Rachel Maddow, never heard of her.

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    To tell you the truth, I don't trust any talk show pundit. What annoys me about pundits in general (this can be of conservative or liberal persuasions) is they so mangle and misquote history, personages, science and philosophy. Unfortunately most of their viewers or listeners buy their drivel because it fits what they want to hear.

    Want to understand the true history of this country? Read the Constitution yourself! Read the Federalist Papers! Read the Personal journals of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson! Read Locke, Hobbes, Paine, Darwin, Einstein, Mark Twain! Read clips of newspapers of the era. YOURSELF. Don't let pundits tell you what to think or feel.

    Pundits in general just try to push emotional buttons. Don't believe what they say. Many times they are so dead off in their interpretations it makes me nauseous.

    I ask that anyone who reads this, who is interested in the politics and history, take this to heart. Although such readings can be ponderous at times (learning is not always easy), every man, woman and child should strive to educate themselves in history, religion and philosophy, striving for primary and unabridged resources.

    They should read not only evidence that supports their own political bias, but those thoughts most opposing to their own with as open a mind as they can muster, even if it pains them to do so. Strike that. Especially if it pains them to do so.

    Such readings, without the benefit of a slavering pundit or 24 hour news service dedicated to ratings rather than true information will serve several ends:

    1 - You may find you are incorrect in your assumptions. Although potentially embarrassing, the knowledge gained is worth it.

    2 - If you are not outright wrong, you may understand why someone thinks the way they do, and why.

    3 - If you feel you are correct, you are have passed through the ring of fire, and are forearmed and can sway others more easily to your mode of thought. Or at least be more comfortable with your own philosophy.

    I maintain a citizen of the nation (and indeed the world at large), should strive for a deeper understanding of the subjects mentioned above. Listening without a critical and knowledgeable ear to base punditry is a disservice not only to the individual that listens, but is also a failure towards other human beings as such false and distorted ignorance is usually passed to others as fact.

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    Oh please.

    Here's the simple difference, Beck and Hannity LIE, this is a fact, they've been called out for it plenty of times, why do you think there is so much controversy around them? Google Hannity or Beck lying, you'll get plenty of video results.

    Olbermann and Maddow never lie or put things out of context, they just state their opinions on a network that does NOT claim to be fair and balanced.

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    Its simply because they don't want the truth about whats really going on in the white house so they are trying to give hannity and beck bad names.

    All the libs hate them especially Limbaugh but you didn't see the conservatives bashing on the liberal talk shows during the Bush admin.

    And more importantly when Bush was in the conservatives never talked about killing the liberals. Have you seen the libs on the site going on and on about how we should all be shot?

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    Hannity is really just mindless right wing entertainment, but Glenn Beck is an intelligent source for information and rhetoric.

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    For the same reasons Republicans bash Olbermann & Maddow while ignoring the extremist rhetoric of Hannity & Beck. It's called partisanship.

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    Have you watched Olbermann and Maddow? Maddow has corrected her mistakes unlike Fox news achors. Olbermann and Maddow BOTH have greatly critized democrates who do wrong, like Blago! Unlike fox news.

    Olbermann has recently come out and told Obama that he is DEAD WRONG about keeping state secretes and on torture issues, just like Bush did.

    See thats something Fox News can’t do...criticize their own party. HELL Billo can’t even bring himself to say "Radical Right" Fair and Balance my butt!

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    Hannity and O'Reilly and Beck are arrogant S.O.B.'s that imply that anyone who disagrees with them is some mongoloid. Don't even get me started on Savage or Limbaugh.

    The only reason Olbermann or Maddow exist is just for irony. In my opinion Olbermann should have stuck with sports, even if he is quite humourous.

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