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About Edward Cullen from twilight?

he is a phyco stalker and hes so weird doesnt anyone agree? and also people hes fake so stop acting like hes real

To begin with, Edward is a selfish punk. It is just cruel to lead someone on if you have no intention of ever being with her. Seriously, take the dignified route and pine after Bella from a distance while writing love poems that you will never give her. Sure, people will probably make fun of you for it, but you're a vampire. How many people are honestly going to get close enough to you to discover your hobby? On top of that, you are saving your beloved from harm at your hand. *Gasp* Yes, sir, your words CAN hurt people.

Edward is extremely controlling. He must control what Bella does with her life, whether she chooses to live it or to end it and join him. He must force his "family" to obey his whims and refrain from turning her. What gives him the right to decide what she will do with her life? Beyond that, after he leaves her life, why does he think that he's still entitled to tell her what to do?

Edward can't decide if he's going to be near Bella or not. He lets her so close to him, then leaves completely, then starts talking to her without actually connecting with her. This is like me emailing you all of the time, ignoring all of your responses, getting angry at you for talking to me in person, and just being a jerk. He needs to pick either leaving her alone completely or really being in her life.

Edward is melodramatic. It is weak to go kill yourself after the one that you loved dies. It's not romantic. It's pathetic. You don't have a strong enough personality to live one after someone that you cared for is gone? One: that was the wrong person for you, because you lost your identity to hers. Two: you need to get over yourself and realize that more is happening in this world then just your tragedy. I'm sorry, but if you honestly think that killing yourself is something that would make your loved one feel happy, that it's something that she "would have wanted," or that it's a way of doing honor to the memory, you're nuts. Find something that really mattered to her and spend your life pursuing it. Did Bella love children? Great. Open orphanages all over the world in her honor. Make the world a better place for her sake.

Edward keeps things from Bella. Yeah, I know. Everyone has their secrets, but you know what? If you are going to get that close to someone and expect her to tell you everything that you want to know, then you'd better tell her everything that SHE wants to know. Lies breed distrust, feelings of betrayal, and they'll kill your relationship. If you love her, then stop focusing on yourself and the fact that "she might not love you any more if she knew..." and tell her the truth. You owe her that much. You are so focused on yourself and what you think is best for you that you aren't thinking about her at all. Bella never ceases thinking of you.



to twihard1901 dont be so stupid if you took the time to look at my profile you would see that i have metioned at least 4 times that i love twilight and also look at my questions/answers im sure it metions it there to.

Update 2:

and yes ive read all the books. and i still think edweird is a nut-case

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    Finally I meet a person who is not in love with Edward Cullen!

    I agree with everything you said because I believe that he is a complete jerk and he is not the type of guy I would like to spend my life with.

    I do not believe in killing yourself for your loved one, because it is not the real reason why you do this. The real reason is to avoid living without someone you care about and not to be miserable. The right thing to do is to pull yourself together and keep living and doing great things in the name of the one lost. Your death is not going to benefit anyone and is not going to make you a saint.

    Thank you for posting that essay, I enjoyed reading it. :)

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    I found this question because it came up when i was half way through writing my own. I am in not only a similar position but almost exactly the same. Only with me, I think that I owe the books my life. I was in such a mess one night, I don't think I want to think about what I might have done that night or in the following day. Alls I know is this. I picked up the book twilight in a desperate hope to distract myself, however it not only did this but transported me into another world where I had no troubles. Four books later and I reached a point like you, the books had become my life. It might sound as if this is a bad thing, but it's better than my life not continuing any more. To stephenie, I owe my life. I do not think that is a bad thing, I have even made more friends and become closer to people through my obsession. If you want to talk then pm me and ill give u my email address. :) smilee xx

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    I agree.

    But the fact that he's fake doesn't mean people can't have little crushes on him. People have celebrity crushes, don't they? On celebrities they've never met, who live lives in worlds so far away that they really *could* be fictional. What's the difference between that and Edward?

    People are happy in puppy-dog love with Edward Cullen. This won't stop most of them. It'll only make them angry. Just saying.

    Edit: To TwiHard1901 and Future author and anyone else as equally upset over this whole Twilight thing as they- you're eventually going to have to accept the fact that people have different opinions. Twilight may be the number one book to TwiHard1901, but I'd put a ton of others before Twilight, because I have different preferences. And that's the way the world works. Honestly, the sooner you accept it, the happier you'll be.

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  • I agree,

    He is obsessive, controling, secretive, meoldramatic, selfish and has some stalker-like qualities. I was never really as contected to him as a character as say Jacob, but for some reason I just hated Jacob more. However, I prefer the character that are more open about their less-pleasant personal qualities. Such as Jace from The Mortal Instruments Series, sure he can be self centered and harsh, but he at least acknowledges the fact, so do all the other characters. In Edwards case no other character seems to be able to fault him. Its quite annoying when its so obvious.

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    I agree with everything you just said (and more, unspoken things) but it doesn't really make a difference. Twilight fans will always just see people like us as "Twilight haters" and thus there's nothing we can do about it. No matter how much we try to make them see reason, they just won't comply, because all opinions (even ours) are biased, really. So until the fangirls wake up and see by themselves that Edward Cullen is fictional, and even if he was real he'd be a creep and never even pay attention to them, they'll bask in their blissful fantasies all they want. Don't bother trying to convert them. Go for the swing voters.

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    You've only read the first book haven't you? Did you even read Breaking Dawn or Eclipse? If the answer is no, then don't talk about something you don't know anything about. Sure, I'll agree that Edward isn't real, but it doesn't mean you have to write an entire thesis on the first 3 chapters.

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    have you NOT read the entire series?

    Edward keeps things from bella so the volturi can't have a reason to kill her

    He waited 107 years for bella, if the one you waited for your entire life died, if you were truly in love, like you couldn't go a day without being with them, what would you do?

    He left so she could live a normal human life. he didn't know how in love she really was with him, it was torture for edward to leave her

    He's not controlling, he cares. He doesn't want bella to become a vampire because he's afraid she'll lose her soul. He thinks she deserves to live somehow, even if it's only in an afterlife.

    And in a random quote from a myspace sticker: Fake boobs aren't real either but guys still like those.

    Source(s): me myself and twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, and midnight sun.
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    so did you get that of a site and then say i agree one hundred percent or something...i get that all the time and the only reason that you have put this on here is because you want other people to know how you are thinking about him and so you know other people who are thinking like you...i know i like twilight...c'mon i was the same about heroes but at the end of the day they are fictional, at the beginning of the day they are fictional and through the day they are the same and they are not going to change, this might be aimed at someone twihard...btw i have a friend like you and she was losing them because of this obsession but she saw the light at the end of this ridicule and she still has friends but keep this up the rest of your life and you will be nothing...just a fanatic...

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    I'm sorry but I failed to see a question here since you answer it all. I read the books and you are entitled to your opinion but some people actually find that romantic, sorry not me but I respect that even though I might not agree.

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    Errr, not to offend anyone or anything but . . . two words. Gary Sue. (Look the term up, you'll find that it is completely fitting.)

    I have read the Twilight books, but disliked them.

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