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I just finished reading death note, and I want to find a book/story as good. I have read many classic books.?

I have read many of the Barnes & noble classics and I can't find a story as epic as Death Note. Any suggestions, please nothing like Naruto.

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    Well, Death Note IS the best manga you can get...

    but there's the manga called "Liar Game" (you can read it on and it's sort-of similar to Death Note in the way that the characters rely on their wits (and intellect) to survive. (I'm reading it right now)

    Another (more graphic) one, called "Rabbit Doubt" is also good. It's also one of those suspense/intellect mangas, although... far bloodier. Think the last volume of Death Note (you know, when Light keeps getting shot and stuff) and multiply that by about three. That would probably be Rabbit Doubt. (Look it up on Wikipedia or something...)

    I can't think of anything that isn't completely shoujo/shonen other than that, one so you can give those two a try.

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    I like manga too, so you'll probably like these books:


    A book that has the word "Hack" on it and other stuff

    Code Grease

    If you'd like more, feel free to e-mail me at:

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