Why do most women hate video games and guys that play them?

I always hear women saying things like games are for "nerds", "man-childs", or "losers," and they seem to think we're all the same. I've tried finding a girl that likes them, but it's nearly impossible to find one. I just don't get what's with all the hate. Just because some of us enjoy video games, doesn't mean we wouldn't care about you, and do other things sometimes. I'm fit, smart, and quite a few people say good looking, so I don't know what the problem is. Even if a woman is interested in me, and I mention that video games are one of my hobbies, she'll reject me almost immediately. I'm just wondering why this happens. I don't want to quit playing, and I don't want to be dishonest about it either, as I don't think it's a bad thing. It's no worse than someone who is into reading or watching movies.



Well, where I live most guys don't even play games, and if they do it's just Halo, GTA, and Call of Duty. I'm a hardcore gamer and I plan on being a journalist in the industry, but it's not like I play every waking moment. With my last girlfriend, I pretty much gave up playing games for several months, and spent the majority of my spare time with her. That was not an ideal situation however, and I wish she wouldn't mind if I played some.

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    Why are you taking it so seriously? You're making a huge deal of it, when pretty much all men (especially younger) play them. I mean, specifically trying to find a woman who is OK with video games, making a point of telling them you play... it makes it seem like it's a huge part of your life or something.

    If "most women" hated video games/gamers, well.. 99% of women in their teens and 20's would be single. It's just not true.

    Now, women do hate men who spend 5 or 6 hours a day playing video games, and with good reason.. there's just so much you could be doing with that time that is actually productive. In that case, it's not that they don't like video games/gamers, they just don't like men who are more concerned with gratification/fun than doing something productive with their lives.

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    That's crazy talk! There are plenty of girls out there who are die-hard video gamers! Myself included! I believe video games are great conversation starters and fun mind twisters that stimulate your thoughts. Video games, WoW for example, are just too much fun! I suppose the only reason why someone would reject someone else for being a gamer is:

    A) the "geek" stereotype attached

    B) the lack of time for relationships

    C) they hate video games for some odd reason.

    It's a preference no one should judge. I love your take on how it's just like movie watching or reading. I agree completely with that statement. The fun thing with video games is that this is one story where you get to control it, be the main character, and change the outcome. I just can't see why so many girls and women reject such a fun thing!

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    Here's a discovery my roommate and I made last year. Video games are a "social filter" that shuts certain people out. The girls that are turned off by it are no good, however every once in a while a girl or two will ask to play and those girls turn out to be the better choice. I'm not sure if it's a common result, I'm just saying that it worked for me.

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    When guys play video games it's like the same as wen watching a football or basketball game. That's the only thing that exist. The woman gets no attention from them. That's why we tend to not like them.

    • Bob3 years agoReport

      Then why are there so many sports fanatic women? There are so many women these days on dating sites that all they care about is sports. Yet you see very few girls that are into video games. Yes there are some, but very few. Most are into either $$$ & travel, dogs, or sports/outdoors.

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    I'm a girl and I play video games too. But there's an increasing number of girls who get annoyed because to be honest it sucks when your boyfriend always plays video games. From what I've noticed guys would just as much invite the gf over and play wow/call of duty/halo etc. while the girl just kind of chilled. That's my take at least. ^.^

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    Cause guys put all their attention on games completely forgetting their hot girlfriend is in the other room.

    Cause guys who play 5-8hours non stop is a turn off for some girlstrange

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  • Erin
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    1 decade ago

    I'm personally not a big one for video games, but I can appreciate them. In fact, my current partner enjoys video games. It doesn't bother me. It only bothers me when every waking moment is spent on video games. There's more to life than them, you know.

  • 5 years ago

    Perhaps, some women who have experienced frustrations with their boyfriends who lack interest in dating and communicating but instead playing too much video games. This is just my opinion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think video games are effing hot. Hahah, but seriously. I do. And I don't understand why girls don't like VGs either. It's not like we don't play them, just like instead of Halo we play Designers' World. But I like video games like Mario and Super Smash Bros., too. I think they're cool. Girls are stupid. It's so much easier to hang out with dudes.

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