Why do guys want to do this to me everytime when i sway my hips & butt ?

Ok, my boyfriend been hanging out with me and when we go to the mall together and i wear my 6 inch stiletto heels and i sway my hips & butt, everytime we get home he wants to have anal sex. Why does he requested everytime i'm in heels and i sway my hips ?? I do give into it because i love him but why do he request when he sees me in heels & and when i sway hips ?

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    1 decade ago
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    You'd need to ask him dear, we can't read his mind. I'd think you could at least assume he'd been watching you "sway" and thus got turned on by looking at your backside.

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    You wear 6" stiletto heels and sway your hips and butt and wonder why you get that reaction? If you really dislike complying with his request when you get home stop wearing the heels when you go out. I have a secret thought though that not only do you enjoy your hubby watching your backside you enjoy the thought that other men are staring and having impure thoughts about you. I'm also guessing that you really do enjoy what he is asking for (anal sex) but won't admit it cause you think it will make you a dirty girl. If your only asked the question to make dirty old men well consider your job well done. LOL

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    You must have nice hips and butt.

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    Because that's just what he likes

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