Is it safe to jail break a ipod touch 2g?

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Ok, i am looking into jailbreaking my ipod touch, but i don't know if i should because im scared that i will make a mistake and destroy a $200 machine. Its alot of money and i more
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The short answer is yes, it is technically safe to jailbreak as of now.
HOWEVER. There are a couple very big problems.

First - if you are not marginally tech savvy, it is not the best idea to do this. QuickPwn has not released its Touch 2g jailbreak software, which has a quick setup to automatically jailbreak the iPod. Right now, your only option is to perform the jailbreak manually. At least wait for the release of the latest QuickPwn program, for which I do not have a timetable, unfortunately.

Second - Although nothing is impossible, the "iPhone Dev Team" insists that any jailbreak will not harm the iPod. So, you really don't have much to worry about there. BUT jailbreaking will void your iPod's warranty, in any form. You should at least wait for your warranty to expire, so you would have to pay money for a new one anyway. How would you feel if you voided your warranty, then your iPod broke down the day before the warranty would have expired. WAIT.

Obviously, overall, a jailbreak now is technically safe, but not economically recommended. Just be patient - just a couple months ago, a 2g jailbreak was completely impossible.

Go iPhone Dev Team!
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  • Lavin answered 5 years ago
    You can't jailbreak the ones with 2.0 or higher. And you can't with updated iTunes. I've tried. Don't do that. You'll ruin it. If you need instructions to do it, you'll mess it up.
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