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How and why does Google have a picture of my house?

On Google street view (or as I like to say, stalker-vision), you can get up close and personal with almost anywhere. How and why does the big G do this?

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    I'm not sure why they do it at all, i cant really think of a benefit other than for stalking?!

    But they get the images of the houses by driving a van round the streets, which has a camera on the top and it takes digital images of the streets it is on. My dad is a cab driver in london and he has seen it a few times going around.

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    They send out a car with a camera attached to the roof, it drives up and down the streets. They do it so that people can look at what is on the street- personally I used it a lot when I was looking for apartments (to see how nice a neighborhood was), also sometimes if I am looking for a certain shop or location.

    If you don't want it up you can email Google and they will remove it. Here are their instructions.

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    It totally helps you know like if you are going to a party, to know what their house looks like (knowing what the roof looks like doesn't help, here on Planet Earth)

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    Not sure.

    Ive never seen this before

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    lol i just checked mine and i saw it too

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