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Hello Canada and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland?

Could you please tell me what comes to your mind upon seeing this video?

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Also, what comes to your mind when I tell you that no suspension will be forthcoming?

Update 2:

Nips- I don't think Carcillo has been suspended previously to my knowledge. (could be wrong) what reputation? As a fighter? He can't be compared to Simon or Pronger.....1st offence.

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    Could have sworn I was watching Carcillo again.

    Did you read with Colin Campbell had to say?

    I have really never agreed with his reasonings and looking the other way at certain players***cough, cough, Crosby, cough cough***. It is the act itself that needs to be addressed, not the outcome.

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    The first thing that came to mind when I saw it last night was oh oh NHL has a problem. This looks worse than Carcillo and it wasn't a goon. What do they do?

    I don't think it deserves a suspension' and I don't think Carcillo did either.

    Carcillo was not suspended for the act but apparentlyy when it occurredd. Yeah he was out there to send a message but that has been part of hockey for years. Also if its the end of a game and I'm down 3 skaters to five, I want my tough guys out there in case it gets ugly. Imagine if Philly puts out Briere and another Smurf or 2 and Pens with last change put out 5 heavyweights.

    NHL deserves to look bad for opening this can of worms.

    Today I see posts of people wondering if Kostopolous or Lapierre should be suspended for throwing an elbow that did not connect. At this rate we will have 2 AHL teams in the finals if we suspend for every infraction. Penalties are there for a reason, not every penalty is suspenable.

    Must calm down

  • Wow. How did I miss that? I saw a question earlier however I thought that had something to, I remember now, that was Getzlaf's elbow. Totally different, this is much more deserving than Carcillo. Carcillo barely made contact if any to speak of and Talbot seemed as if he saw it coming, ducked and went with it. Camalleri should easily get at least a game for the blatantly obvious smash to the head, especially since Carcillo got 1 game for his minor slap, but than again, that has something to do with that stupid "message sending rule in the final minutes of the game. Just plain horse pucky.

  • It's a part of the game. Cammalleri was penalized, Chicago won, Philadelphia lost....all is right with the world,

    Seriously, I'm with cdn24fan..............Carcillo deserved a 2min penalty at best. Talbot on the other hand deserves an Oscar/Emmy/Tony/Gemini or whatever for that performance of his. At least Havlat, the European, took it like a man and stuffed it in Calgary's face.

    As much as I respect Bob MacKenzie.................hasn't he shown the Cammalleri love tap a bit too much?

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  • NIPS®
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    1 decade ago

    I think your reputation precedes your actions in the NHL now! Such is life. Those who are expected to do that kind of stuff and have before will get punishment.. those who are not routine violators and are "clean" get the free pass! Its that way in real life also.... why would I expect it to be any different anywhere else including the NHL.

  • Chris
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    1 decade ago

    I saw that last night. It kind of pissed me off because it was a cheap elbow and a selfish penalty.

    I always love that HNIC theme. "He scores, Bobby Orr"!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First words that come to mind: Cheapshot.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I say he should be suspended, one game if not two.

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