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what do you think of the name nicole?

So my name is nicole and i was just wondering what do you about the name? also what kind of person do you think of when you hear the name nicole?

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    I think that Nicole is a pretty name. Partly because of most celebrities that are named Nicole are good people, but also because of my best friend named Nicole, she's a really good person :)

    Celebs named Nicole:

    -Nicole Richie

    -Nicole Scherzinger

    -Nicole Kidman

    -Nicole Linkletter (from americas next top model)

    The girl's name Nicole \n(i)-co-le\ is pronounced ni-KOHL. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "victorious people". French feminine form of Nicholas. During the Middle Ages names that appear feminine today, like Nicolet and Nicol, were actually male names. Nicola is the Italian form; Nicolette is popular in France. Singer Nicolette Larson; actress Nicole Kidman.


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    I like the name. I know a Nicole. She is cool.

  • Anonymous
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    I like the name Nicole....I also like Nicolette. Both sound very feminine.

  • I knew a girl in high school named nicole and I swore she would grow up to be a lesbian.

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    i know some snobby nicoles, so i dont have thebest impression of them

    but i try not to prejudice and stereotype, so im sure you could be lovely ;]

    and i think its a quite nice name, really, but im kinda biased towards thinking it isnt, so that there was hard ;P


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    it's common, but it's really nice. my cousin's middle name is nicole.

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    It's a very nice name,

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    sounds cool love it!

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