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Requirements for Coast Guard Maritime Academy to be an officer?

I saw this on gocoastguard.com. It says that through this program you can be an officer but no have to go to the USCGA for college(but you do have to attend a 4 week program there). What are the requirements for this? I plan on applying to the USCGA but in case I dont make it I am trying to look into as many back-up plans as possible. Thank you.

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    It's not the "Coast Guard Maritime Academy", but I know what you mean. One of the other ways to commission into the Coast Guard is to graduate from a federal or state maritime academy, such as the Merchant Marine Academy, SUNY Maritime, Cal Maritime, Maine Maritime, etc. With the exception of Merchant Marine, you'll pay your own way through each.

    Source(s): I'm a CG Officer.
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    each and every of the branches require you to have a bachelors degree interior the previous you get your value as an officer. (officers do now no longer "connect" they're commissioned.) the final you're waiting to do is save on with now for a fee interior the present upon graduation from college. you may additionally get them to grant you some money to help pay on your senior 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. then you graduate, take the oath of place of artwork and you're interior the USCG Reserve.

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