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Huge 10 man fantasy baseball deal?

I give: Michael Young Figgins Ludwick Manny and Kuroda

I get: Utley Quentin Chipper Jones Hanrahan and Kazmir


C- Mccan

1B- Morneau

2B- Hill

3B- Figgins

SS- Young

OF- Manny Braun Holliday

UTL- Ludwick

BN- Guzman Posada

SP- Halladay Harang Bedard Lowe Joba

RP- Rivera Sherill Capps Cordero

DL- Kuroda

What do i do???????

accept reject or recouter

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  • Connor
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    No, don't do it.

    Chipper had a good season last year, but...

    1. he was lucky

    2. he's older

    3. he's got so much injury problems you can't trust him

    Quentin won't have as good a year, and Utley is really overrated. He had the wrist injuries last year, so he's now behind Kinsler and Pedroia had his position.

    Ludwick and Young are both underrated. Ludwick is fantastic, and Young will put up good numbers.

    Manny is one of the best hitters in the MLB, keep him if you're not getting a big hitter in exchange.

    Kuroda isn't that badly injured, and he's talented.

    I think you should keep your guys. Also, you don't need Kazmir, you already have pitching (Halladay, Lowe, and underrated guys).

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    No I wouldnt do it, all you would do is weeken your team by trading Young and Manny. Ludwick hit 2 homers today and is a great fnatasy outfielder. Hill has had a better year than Utley to.

  • 1 decade ago

    well you have plenty of power mccan morneau holiday and braun so u can cut manny id say take it because

    utley is way better than young and he also gives you power quentin will give you plenty of power in mannys place and chipper is a ? if he stays healthy he will be a lot better than figgins the only reason u need figgins is for his speed because you dont have alot of speed

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    Your main issue is of course you are then requiring Guzman to be your SS for good. Over all the trade favours you (I believe), but you are left with Hill and Utley at 2B and really only Guzman at SS.

    I'd do it, but it's in your best interest to find a SS (are you putting Hill in your UTIL?)

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  • 1 decade ago

    pretty fair deal

    i might do it

    thats tough

    how r u gonna replace that ss and outfield position

    if u can get good guys at those positions, i say accept the deal

    nice team by the way

  • 1 decade ago

    Do it thats a great trade for you!

    G()()D LU(K

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