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cutting down to lightweight...?

ok, so i am going to be fighting at lightweight for mma. i was wondering what is the typical weight people cut down from. I am 5'9" and weight about 175 right now with 10-12% BF. I was thinking that I would bulk up to 180ish, then cut down to 171 leaving me with 6-8% BF. is 170ish about what most LW cut down to 155? or should i bulk up more and make a harder cut. and yes i know how to cut, i was a wrestler and cut 15 pounds before.

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    well right now if you lose 5 pounds from 175 you'll be in welterweight.

    ya u should bulk up then cut down. good luck

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    Diego Sanchez makes the biggest cut I know of to get to 155. He cuts 35-40 pounds from his walking weight. I'm sure he works down to about 170 to 175 though three or 4 days before the cut. You could always try a trial cut two or three weeks before the fight to see how you feel and then bring your weight down if you need to, a lot of guys do that as well there first time or two at a lower class.

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    so the percents of your body fat is what % of your total weight the fat you can find out how many pounds that is, and it will tell you when you would be cutting into muscle...make sense? and you need to leave at least 4% and ya 6-8 would be best

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