Joseph V Felton who are his parents. born 1867 in Tn?

he was born in 1867 his middle name may start with a B his wifes first name is Lizie. and they lved in TN. sons name is Luther Felton. I also need to find a Dilla Coldwell also born in TN born in 1900 in Tn also . this is for my family tree.. please help

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    Favorite Answer -- 1880 United States Census

    Jo.V. FELTON

    Birth Year <1868>

    Birthplace TN

    Age 12

    Occupation Works On Farm

    Marital Status : Single

    Race :White

    Head of Household John FELTON (listed as MARRIED, but no wife's name shown)

    Relation Son

    Father's Birthplace TN

    Mother's Birthplace TN

    Census Place District 2, White, Tennessee

    Joseph V. Felton

    Birth: 14 DEC 1867 in White Co., Tennessee

    Death: 8 MAR 1942

    Burial: Plainview Cemetery, Cassville, White Co., Tennessee

    Married: 28 APR 1885 in White Co., Tennessee to

    Elizabeth Anderson

    Birth: 3 JAN 1866 in Tennessee

    Death: 5 JUN 1952

    Burial: Plainview Cemetery, Cassville, White Co., Tennessee

    Their children:

    Wood Enes Felton b: 1 JUL 1886 in White Co., Tennessee

    Eddy Felton b: FEB 1890 in White Co., Tennessee

    Luther Smith Felton b: 4 JUL 1893 in White Co., Tennessee; d. 05 May 1931, Sparta White Tennessee

    Lela Felton b: MAY 1896 in White Co., Tennessee

    Mary L. Felton b: MAR 1898 in White Co., Tennessee

    Joseph's parents:

    John Felton --born ABT 1842 in White Co., Tennessee

    Married: 23 SEP 1866 in White Co., Tennessee

    Susan M. Horton.--b: ABT 1843 in Tennessee

    Joseph's siblings:

    John L. Felton b: 19 JAN 1868 in White Co., Tennessee

    Sallie A. Felton b: 21 MAY 1872 in White Co., Tennessee

    Lillie I. Felton b: OCT 1874 in White Co., Tennessee

    Comer Felton b: ABT 1877 in White Co., Tennessee

    Julia D. Felton b: 11 JAN 1879 in White Co., Tennessee

    Joseph's paternal GRANDPARENTS:

    Joseph Berry Felton b: 23 OCT 1818 in Tennessee

    Drucilla Mitchell b: OCT 1820 in Tennessee

    Maternal GRANDPARENTS:

    Jeptha Vinom Horton b: 25 APR 1808 in South Carolina

    Sarah E. b: 30 OCT 1812 in Tennessee

    Family tree listing takes you from Joseph to his 2nd GREAT-GRANDPARENTS--Simon Doyle , his wife Elizabeth Sargent, and their daughter--Rutha Doyle, b: 8 OCT 1797 in South Carolina

    His mother back to her GREAT-GRANDPARENTS is at --1900 United States Federal Census

    Name: Joseph V Felton

    Home in 1900: Civil District 5, White, Tennessee

    Age: 32

    Birth Date: Dec 1867

    Birthplace: Tennessee

    Race: White

    Ethnicity: American

    Gender: Male

    Relationship to head-of-house: Head

    Father's Birthplace: Tennessee

    Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee

    Spouse's Name: Lizie

    Marriage Year: 1885

    Marital Status: Married

    Years Married: 15

    Residence : Civil District 5, White, Tennessee

    Household Members: Name Age

    Joseph V Felton-- 32 (occupation: Farmer)

    Lizie Felton --34

    Wood Felton-- 11

    Eddy Felton --10

    Luther Felton-- 6

    Lela Felton --4 (listed as LELER on original view)

    Mary L Felton-- 2

    By 1910 census, these children were added to family:

    Bessie Felton 8 (b. 1902; by 1930, she was married & name was Bessie Cloyde, listed onoriginal view as DIVORCED)

    Permelia Felton 3 (b. 1907)

    Noah Felton 2 (b. 1908)

    1930--Grandson Bernis Simrell ,6 living with Joe & Lizie, too. His mother was BESSIE FELTON CLOYDE.

    1870 census: shown as

    Name: Joseph B Felton

    Birth: abt 1868 - Tennessee

    Residence: 1870 - District 2, White, Tennessee

    (but with same parents as listed above--John & Susan)

    Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002

    Name: Dilla Coldwell

    Spouse: Luther Johnson

    Marriage Date: 9 Jun 1921

    Marriage County: Grundy

    Marriage State: Tennessee

    Name: Dilla Coldwell

    Birth: 1900 - Altamont, Tennessee

    Death: 1935 - Altamont, Tennessee

    Parents: Coldwell

    Spouse: Luther Johnson (Birth: 1897 ; His Parents: William Johnson, Tennessee P Fults)

    Luther's Grandparents:

    Paternal: Thompson Johnson & Elizabeth

    Maternal: *Smith Fults & **Timia T E Sanders

    Luther's Maternal GREAT-GRANDPARENTS:

    *Daniel Fults & P Thompson

    **Thomas Sanders & Mary "Polly" Roberts

    Luther's Maternal 2nd Great-Grandparents:

    *George Fultz & Catherine Kite

    **Thomas' parents unknown; Mary's parents: William Roberts#

    & Martha Lettice Payne

    3rd Great-Grandparents (Luther)

    #--William's parents: unknown; Martha's parents:Thomas Payne &

    Janakje Ayres

    4th Great-Grandparents (Luther):

    Thomas Payne's parents unknown; Janakje's parents: Nathaniel AYERS & Rhoda Ayers

    5th Great-Grandparents (Luther)

    Nathaniel AYERS & Rhoda Ayers--their parents all unknown; Rhoda lived to be 109 years old (b. 1700-d. 1809 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey,

    (Couldn't find out much about Dilla Coldwell. She died at such a young age, too)

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