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what can i expect...BRACES?

next thursday im getting my braces put on and then on saturday im getting my wisdom teeth taken out(all 4) what can i expect in both situations...help im scared!!

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    i had braces for a few years and they are not that bad at all.

    they take about 20 min to be put on and they are a bit sore for the first few days and when they are tightened. but once you get used to them you will forget they are there. your dentist might tell you your not to eat any sugar with braces but i had loads and nothing happened just clean your teeth twice a day.

    they dont look to good but your wondeful smile at the end will be worth it.

    i have had 5 teeth out and the injection is a bit painful but you cant feel the teeth being pulled. i was sore afterwards but some pain killers will sort that out easy.

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    Getting braces put on does suck... but its more because they're just in the way. There isnt a ton of pain with braces. I had them for 3 years. Getting them put on is a piece of cake. Your teeth may be a little sore for a couple weeks after, but Tylenol will take care of that. They just put the "cement" on your teeth, put the bracket on each tooth, then insert the wire and you're good to go. There's no pain getting them taken off either.

    Getting your wisdom teeth out isn't that bad either. They make you go to sleep so you dont feel anything, and then wake you wake up you will have gauze until the bleeding stops and then you just need to rinse your mouth out with a warm salt water rinse for the next couple days to prevent infection. avoid anything really hot. they will probably give you some pain meds if theres any discomfort. youll be okay

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    Braces arent too bad.... at first they are just a little sore and you have to eat soft foods mainly soup and yogurt but then it gets normal and you dnt even feel anything. Its really not that bad. As for the wisdom teeth, i have never had them taken out so i am not really sure sorry:)

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    It totally depends on your teeth and dentist/orthodontist. My teeth weren't too crooked, so my braces weren't on very long but my teeth moved kind of fast and painfully. The wire in the back of my mouth sometimes got too long when my teeth shifted and it poked my gums, which really hurt. It really depends, but there will be some pain, and taking pain medication will help. For me, my retainers hurt more than my braces did, but that wasn't the case with any of my friends, it really depends on your teeth and how your dentist does the braces...

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