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Do I need to make reservations for these WDW restaurants?

So I'm going to Walt Disney World May 19-24th (week leading into Memorial Day Weekend). Anyway, I already have made my reservation for V&As (gf and I are psyched about it). However, we are debating making reservations for other dining places in WDW while we are there. Obviously it's a must (and in most cases is already booked) for character dining and dinner shows.

But what about other casual dining or signature dining places. Places we were thinking about were: Tony's town square, Jiko, Teppan Edo, Kona Cafe. The main thing is we do have a tentative plan for where we are gonna be each day, but we still want some relative freedom in our plans (what if our reservation comes up and we aren't at that park, or we wanted to stay somewhere longer, or just aren't even hungry).

But yeah so for other dining places in WDW that is not character dining, V&As, or dinner shows do i still really need to make reservations?


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    Yes you need to make ADR's for any sit down restaurant you want. Also plan to be somewhat flexible at this point as your first time choice may not be available. Congrats on V.& A.s!

    We made our ADR's 90 days to the day out and still could only get lunch for one of our choices. (LeCeller).

    I understand that it can unflex your schedule - but it comes with the territory. This year we only did the counter service plan and fit in every other night a sit down out of pocket. This way we could get back some of the flexibility and still dine in some wonderful locations.

    Good luck and most of all, have fun!

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    Because of the new disney dining plan, many sit down restaurants are already booked. We are going the first week of May for our honeymoon and found out the hard way how fast restaurants book. Try the California Grill ( I think it is at the Contemporary Resort) it is so good and so romantic! There are other fun places at Hollywood Studios that don't have character dining but still tend to fill up fast.

    Call soon and good luck!

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    Since the dining plan has taken off so much you definately need to make ADRs for any restaurants that you may want to eat at or you probably wont get in. At this point most people can't walk up to a table service restaurant at Disney World and get a table without at least a 2 hour wait anymore... Most people will book their ADRs at the 90 day mark to make sure they get what they want... So definately call and make them, even if you might not go there, save yourself a spot just in case!

    Source(s): I used to work at Disney World
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    Because of how popular the dining plan is, you need reservations for sit-down restaurants pretty much all year round. I'm like you, I don't like having to plan my meals 3 months ahead! But if there is anything you are dead-set on, you need a reservation. It is occasionally possible to walk up to Guest Relations the day of and ask for any openings that day, and sometimes you can run into a cancellation. Other than that, you can always try to walk up to the restaurant at off times, like 11 a.m. or 4 p.m. or something, and sometimes they can get you in.

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    Any restaurant in a park is going to get booked. Despite the economy, many people are taking advantage of Disney's offer to stay 4 nights and get 3 nights free so restaurants will fill up.

    I personally am planning for more table service meals my next trip because it will force me to slow down. I tend to be very excited when I go :)

    My husband went a few years ago for a weekend in May and found that every restaurant in both the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts was booked until after 8 pm.

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    I highly recommend that you make reservations as soon as possible anywhere you can because it can be done as much as 180 days in advance ! You can imagine restaurants book up early. Occasionally you can get a walk-in if you are lucky. In case anyone needs it here's the number:


    Good luck

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    any SIT DOWN restaurant your going to want a ADR (advance Dining reservation) or it will be really hard to get into the spots you want to eat at. If your willing to wait of go late it shouldn't be a problem, but I would suggest getting ADR's for any place you have your heart set on.

    If you have a res and want to change your plans you can go to any Guest service counter or restaurant and they can change or cancel for you.

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    Every one that you mentioned you should make a reservation for. You can try to just show up but given the week you are going you will literally wait hours for seating on a first come first serve if you get it at all.

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    You should probably make reservations, just to be safe. Also, If you like seafood/steak I recommend Fulton's Crab house in Downtown Disney. Kinda expensive, but probably some of the best food I've ever had in my life

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    I say yes. We have went to places without booking and had to wait hours or be told no. If you really want to eat there don't risk it, book it.

    Source(s): been to disney 20+ times
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