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Best way to connect to home computer/network through internet?

What is the most practical and secure way to connect to my home desktop/network through an internet connection?

I want to do this from a college computer or my own laptop so I can access my data at home while on campus.....


i have a windows xp pro desktop......i'd like to access it using windows vista business laptop and eeepc (on linux).....especially the eeepc

ftp is nice but there are times when remotely running the applications would be nicer

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    Radmin 3.3 Remote Control Software

    I use it to be able to see what my clients are doing, then it allows me to take complete control of their computer and gives me a window with their desktop to see exactly what I am doing. You can also open a module that allows for file transfer. It also has several other functions that assist in remote troubleshooting, but this is secure program that will meet your needs. There is a 30 day trial, and after that is is $50 for each computer you want remote access to.

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    Well if you want to access data I suggest a FTP...if you want to access everything I suggest VPN...if you want to access it like you were actually on the thing like moving the mouse remotely and such I suggest "Remote Desktop" or VNC. If you need further help what Operating system are you using? Mac, windows, Linux, Unix?

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