Is there a city /state /country in Africa that begins with a "P"?

I'm trying to write a fictional story on Penguins moving to Africa [its for extra credit in social studies] I would really like to know tho so please answer.


actually i didn't "steal" would be a TOTALLY different story, besides its not like a teacher would go and watch disney

Update 2:

i don't STEAL stop accusing me! the penguins on Madagascar TRY to get to Africa they dont just "wash up" there!!!! >:(

Update 3:

FYI: The penguins in the movie Madagascar go to Africa in the FIRST movie not just the Second one because technically Madagascar is part of Africa!!!!

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    - Porto-Novo, Benin

    - Praia, Cape Verde

    - Port Louis, Mauritius

    - Pretoria, South Africa


    - Pointe-Noire, Congo

    - Port Said, Egypt

    - Port-Gentil, Gabon

    - Port-Bouet, Cote d'Ivoire

    - Pemba, Mozambique

    - Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    - Port Nolloth, South Africa

    - Port Shepstone, South Africa

    - Potchefstroom, South Africa

    - Prieska, South Africa

    - Port Sudan, Sudan

    - Pangani, Tanzania

    - Panda-Likasi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire)

    - Port Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire)

    Notice that I added cities and towns.

    Source(s): Funk & Wagnalls World Atlas.
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    There's a city called port elizabeth in south africa, near to where the african penguins colonize. Hey why you stolen this idea from the disney film Madagascar 2, escape to Africa as the penguins from the NY zoo also wash up on the African coast.

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    It could be worth knowing that penguins already live in southern Africa. That could give non-African cousins a reason to visit.


    <<Hey why you stolen this idea from the disney film Madagascar 2...>>

    Honest authors never steal ideas. They borrow them.

    Source(s): Wikipedia, African penguins
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    Porto-Novo is the capital of Benin

    Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius

    Pretoria is the capital of South Africa

    Praia,is the capital of Cape Verde

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    Mauritius/Port Louis


    Cape Verde/Praia

    no countries with "P"...

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