Camera angles and camera shots urgent help 10 pts?

Reading moving images:

Name 3 Camera angles and explain when and where they would be used

Name 3 Camera shots and explain when and where they would be used


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    3 shots:

    1]Extreme wide shot (EWS) shows a broad view of the surroundings around the character and coveys scale, distance, and geographic location.

    2]Wide shot (WS) shows an entire character from head to toe.

    3]Medium wide shot (MWS) shows a character usually cut off across the legs above or below the knees. It is wide enough to show the physical setting in which the action is taking place, yet it is close enough to shot facial expression.

    3 camera angles:

    1]High angle. The camera is placed above eye level, looking downward. A high angle shot can make a character look smaller, younger, weak, confused, or more childlike.

    2]Eye level. Most commonly used.

    3]Low angle. The camera is placed below eye level, looking upward. A low angle shot can make a character look bigger, stronger, or more noble. It also gives the impression of height.

    Source(s): im in a photography class
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    Low attitude shot, yet you additionally can say its mixed with a tilt because of the fact the digicam is shifting upwards from the low attitude shot. definite, it could propose that the detention center has have been given capability over the character.

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    panoramic - landscape photography

    macro - insect, flowers etc

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