My 9 year old son wants me to buy him army combat games for playstation which i've said no to?

as the ones we have seen are all 16 or 18 rated. Can anyone recommend any combat games for him that aren't so violent? He is so mad at me because i won't let him play on them and his friend's parents will let their boys. Help!!

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    Hi, I know this isnt the answer you are looking for, but its only a game. I am 21 years old, I play over 40 hours per week, I have been playing since I was 7 years old and I turned out fine. In my opinion, you are just making it harder for him to be around his friends, because they will be talking about all the great games they are playing and he just cant communicate back with them on it. I know the feeling, when i was 14 all my friends had Playstation 2, and my parents couldnt get me a Playstation 2 yet so I had to stay playing on PS1. But then all my friends are talking about all these great games, and what mission theyre on and how hard it is at that part etc, and I was just there wishing to be on the same games they are. Trust me on this one, its just a game. your the mother after all, but Im just giving you an opinion of a guy that went through a similar scenario thats all. Hope it helps

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    Good for you. I am 27 and I do not think any 9 year old should be playing any FPS (first person shooter) on the playstation now or in the past. What ever happened to jumping plumbers?

    I would recommend the Green Army Men Series. There are strategy games which use the little green army men guys my age used to use. It's violent in the sense that the green men melt into green blobs of goo, but no blood,language, etc. Also I would recommend for the PS3 Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. You can down load it to from the PSN, or if you have a PS2 get TEKKEN 5. It's a fighting game, but it's not Mortal Combat. More based on fighting styles and the art of fighting, not just bloody gorey fights. Couple others you might want to take a look at is, Dynasty Warriors. It is kinda violent, but everything in the game is true history of China and how it became china. Lots of history and will actually learn how to pronounce Chinese words, some what.

    Last but not least I would recommend any of the Final Fantasy's. They are RPG's (role Playing Games) there is mild violence but lots of problem solving. They are fun adn complex, with really great stories actually. Good Luck

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    Honestly, if you don't want him exposed to violent games, then don't allow them. YOU are the parent and you set the rules. He's 9, he'll get over it. If all he has to do is get an attititude and he gets his way, that make him a spoiled brat, and much harder to deal with as he gets older. I'm a parent also, and what I say goes! (lol). You have to be firm!! And while other people may feel "games aren't all bad", they have the rating they have for a reason.

    Secondly as a parent you should always be checking the games, so find a way to check out the game. YouTube and the internet are full of clips of gameplay, or have your husband play the games. Call your son's friends mothers and ask them if you can watch and see their children play the game for yourself. It may take a little effort, but I feel that's the problem with some parents today. They don't put the effort in to make sure their kids are in fact growing up and learning the values they wish to instill upon them. They don't monitor the computer, don't pay attention the tv shows they watch, don't listen to the music their kids are interested.

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    Well I am 17 now, and my parents never used to let me buy any games of a criminal nature or a game devoid of general morality, I am mainly talking about GTA (Grand Theft Auto) or other games such as Manhunt.

    Though from a young age I have always been playing FPSs such as Timesplitters, James Bond 007 and other such titles. Fact is they are harmless, there is rarely any blood, all the kills are swift and clean and some of the games are even lighthearted, namely Timesplitters.

    To be honest you hear about various wars in the news, human atrocities and I would say letting him watch a 12A or PG-13 movie is probably going to be worse on him than letting him play one of these games.

    Another fact is, you should really do some research into the gaming rating system, anything that involves combat to inflict harm on humans, or anything vaugely resembeling a human being is now given an automatic T or 16+ rating anything with humans and involves blood is given a 16+ or 18+ rating, the rating system is flawed, they generalise games and place incorrect ratings upon them.

    Here is a prime example, motorstorm is a hardcore 'racing' game and it has been given a 16+ rating:

    To be fair, I appreciate your concern, but I really think you should experience the game first before generalising and taking the single minded view that all of these games are bad for your child.

    My 8 year old niece plays Call of Duty on regular occasions, and she is probably the sweetest girl I know.

    A great game for your child in my opinion if you still feel like avoiding anything with overt violence, would be The Orange Box, it involves 5 good games, 4 of which involve light humorous combat, they are perfect for your child.

    Though I believe yet again that the rating is not reflective of the games actual content, here is a brief summary of what you get.

    Included are the titles: Half Life 2, HL2: Episode 1, HL2: Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. I have played through all five titles and can say that, on the whole, this is a very good port to the PS3. It has enhanced Hi-Definition graphics and the whole package has a very cool vibe to it.

    Half Life 2 and the two expansion episodes are basically intellectual First Person Shooters with a huge emphasis on puzzle solving. HL2 was named game of the year by over 50 gaming publications when it was released. This version is better looking and is almost like playing the game for the first time. Portal is an insanely fun puzzle game where you shoot two portals onto walls and then warp between them to clear levels and reach objectives. It is easily the best puzzle game I've ever played and even better, my wife loves playing it as well. Team Fortress 2 is a fast cartoonish team-based online FPS. You use one of eight character types (engineer, scout etc.) to work together to defend your team's objectives. The game is a blast and has a crazy style to it.

    If you need anymore assistance, or help choosing suitable games, please do not hesitate to drop me a message.

    Hope this helps^^

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    The Army Games Are Not Based On Violence They Rate Them By The Gun and other thingz

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    try army men (the little toy games they are violent but they are toys in the long run)

    also what many parents dont understand is that kids that dont get violence in games sometimeswill try it in real life,(coz everyone else knows it from their games so why souldnt they have at it) so he may become violent if not plus smuthering him with protection like that isnt going to help, if he is the type he is going to be violent whether he plays videogames or not some even evade being violent altogether by playing violent videogames (a release oftheir anger or frustration on those helpless virtual beings)

  • Don't give in to his games. As a parent you have every right to say 'no' to games that are rated 16/18.

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    YOU SON OF A ***** !!! Let him play resident evil 5 or Man hunt !!

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    OH NO!

    If he plays them he WILL buy a machine gun and kill everyone in his school, just like you see on the news EVERYDAY :O

    Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god..

    If he even SEES violence he will reenact it most definitely, there's no question about it!

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    you won't find any army games that are rated anything under T

    and i doubt telling him he can't get them will stop him from playing them if his friends have them he can easily go over to his friends' houses and play them

    you could always rent some war games and play them before he does and see if they are appropriate for him or if he is mature enough for them

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