Can anyone help me choose a racing game for Playstation 2?

The reason I'm asking is because I would like a new racing game with the following items:

-Logitech Driving Force Pro compatability

-Great car crashes

-Real cars (not fake ones like in the burnout series)

-Must have the following cars: Audi R8 (will except Le Mans Quattro), Lambourghini Gallardo

-Free roam mode (possibilty to drive around through cities etc...)

So, a good driving game with real-life cars and good crashes and decent graphics...(not like NFS: Undercover!!)

What can you guys offer me?

The Need For Speed series seems interesting...

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  • kozzm0
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    1 decade ago
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    Motor Mayhem, maybe?

    For ps2 the number of games compatible with the logitechs is fairly limited. The best of them is Gran Turismo 4. GT4 is arguably the best driving game ever made since GT5 isn't done yet. But there's no free-roaming mode in it, and you can't crash.

    I looked around a bit with google for a list of ps2 games that are wheel-compatible, and guess what, there isn't one. You'll just have to find a list of all the racing games and check them one by one. Even then, some games that are wheel-compatible don't say so on the box. Nascar Heat 2002, for instance, doesn't say "Logitech steering wheel" on the back of the box in a little rectangle, the way GT3 and GT4 do.

    My old logitech GT Force list 3 games on its box: Motor Mayhem, Nascar Heat 2002, and Tokyo Extreme Racer. There's doubtless others but I don't know what they are.

    Here are some that I know don't work with wheels:

    Smuggler's Run 1 and 2

    Twisted Metal Black

    ATV series, and MX series

    R-type (a simulator from 2001 about R-type cars)

    Driver2 and Driv3r, and Driver Parallel Lines

  • 1 decade ago

    as you said The Need For Speed series seems interesting... my friend owns alot of them and i play on them. there are amazing

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Kingdom hearts, no blood but action, fun and easy with disney characters

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