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I want to get a pet snake...?

I want to get a pet snake but im not sure what breed to get. i live in Melbourne Australia and i am looking at buying my first pet snake. i have heard the the best breeds to get are the children and carpet snakes. what is the best breed out of the two?

I want to get a big snake so i am wondering which one grows to be the longest. i have heard that the females are bigger than the males but which gender should i get?

also where should i get the snake? to be really specific i live in Footscray so there is a living jungle near me but should i look into buying from breeders? thanks for reading, i look forward to reading any answers.


so i have heard that ball pythons, carpet pythons and childrens pythons are the snakes to look for for beginners. which one to get?

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    Well, i'm not an expert in this area, i've done more reading on lizards, however, if you want to get a sexed animal, then it will cost more, especially if you go for female. Also, it would depend upon their previous owner as to how tame they are.

    Some breeds can be tame, like milk snakes and corn snakes, which are relatively common first timers, and also are good feeders (some snakes can be prone to problems feeding, which you don't want first time). Sizes of milksnakes can range to extremely tiny (kingsnake) to about 6ft, and most commonly available ones, at least in UK, are good to handle. Cornsnakes are generally good too.

    Some pythons (like certain kinds of carpet pythons) can be very good pets, a little trickier to care for, but still good pets. Also, i think can be more trickier to tame down.

    With some species, there is a greater chance that they will be aggressive and can have larger personality variability in the species.

    You will normally need a source of UVB and UVA (unless nocturnal), and some sort of heat source with thermostat, which it doesn't have direct contact with, as otherwise will burn itself.

    The best way to find out about them is to look round on the internet. Search on different advertisement/classified sites as well as reputable shops/breeders (google is a God-send on this one!), see what's available, read up on their care/tempremants. Please, remember, to read up on them properly!!! There is care sheets on most common snakes, so there is NO excuse.

    Just look around.

    And, the biggest snake is an anaconda, which, i do believe you can buy as a pet (i think i've seen it advertised in passing, but def would not recommend, they are big enough to eat a small child). Remember the bigger the snake, the more expensive. Make sure you can afford its upkeep before you buy it. And, make sure you don't mind feeding it frozen mice/rats, which will be required with large snakes.

    And, if you get a snake that isn't full grown, make sure you don't go and buy the viv size it will need when its older (tank = viv = vivarium), too much space makes the snake feel insecure, and can make it not feed!

    Also think about vet bills, and consider insurance. Generally reptiles are very hardy if cared for properly, but make sure you have the buffer there.

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    I thought it was illegal in Aussie to take animals from the wild and keep them as pets without a proper license?

    It know that is the case for blue-tongue skinks but I'm not sure about snakes.

    GO buy one from a breeder. A reputable one if possible.

    Also, how big you thinking? You have to feed the bigger snakes bunnies and chickens if you want to keep up with their appetite.

    Balls are good starters as are red tails and children's.

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    if you want an easy snake to take care of that gets long i sugest a blood pyton or a ball python. i have one of each and they r easy to take care ofa and the blood get around6-7feet. the ball pthon is a hand hand held one, they can ususally rap around ur are and and content. they get about 3-4 feet long. somethimes longer in captivity. but wich ever snake u get DONT get it from the wild buy it from a breeder, they wwild ones r exstreamly mean, and they have a bigger change of haveing something that could kill them. ur best bet is to get one as a baby cause if u raise if from a baby its use to u and has less chance of bitting u and all that. hopes that helps

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    carpet snakes get long, but are very slim which makes them escape artist. so i don't think you want them. I would suggest a red tail boa. They get large and are very fun to handle. they eat rats, small chickens, mice and other rodents. Another one to consider are ball pythons, they are also easy to take care of. hope i helped!

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