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If what you want is truly a UNITED States?

If what you want is truly a UNITED States

-one that includes all the taxpaying LEGAL citizens, they why is nearly every single question, What do you.... Libs, conservs, loons, crazies, ignorant,etc,etc

Why not just state the issue you have a question with

and let people answer without pigeonholing them.

What do you think the taxparty success was? Is this a growing grass roots function?

Did you go? Do you think this _____(whatever) will

affect our economy and if so, how?

Lay OFF the crap about "We won, get over it," etc, etc.

This is getting as boring as reading restroom walls in

a 5th grade middleschool during detention. Of course,

that's quite likely where many are writing from.

My point being, I think we'd have more productive NONdefensive discussion where concerns could be addressed rather than all this useless non-productive name-calling and slogan regurgitation.

Anyone else have thoughts on this.

(And if you choose to NOT be civil, then yes, do list

your party/affiliation so the rest of us can know who to

avoid that are flat out sick of 8th grade debate classes

where real issues aren't addressed or any attempts are made to understand.

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    The only way to get a United STATES is to focus on STATES. Half the problem is that regions in our Country tend to have differing values / beliefs. The huge problems for BOTH Republican & Democratic Parties is once they get in office they want to create these policies that force every State into a one policy fits all kind of a solution and it chaffs the crap out of people.

    If you get back to State rights and lay off the Imperial Federal Government dictating policy to everyone than most of these problems will go away. NY can do what NY wants to do, CA can do what CA wants to do, TX can do what TX wants to do and so forth (in regards to education, drug use, abortion (which shouldn't be a Constitutional issue) , gay marriage and all of these other wedge issues.

  • Jani
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    1 decade ago

    Bravo! I like to hear legitimate debate and diverse opinions about relevant issues. That's why I listen to Fox, CNBC, and sometimes CNN.

    Sometimes, on YA, you hear "Obama sucks" and "you're just sore losers". We will never agree on abortion or national security issues, but we should be able to discuss government spending and accountability to voters. Without resorting to nasty, vulgar sound bites that show little respect for the other side of the issue.

    We do have a united nation, and we must strive to keep it that way by trying to accept our differences.

  • marget
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    the u . s . a . is a Republic that has been suffering to develop right into a Democracy simply by actuality the statement of Independence grew to develop into into signed. A Republic defines a ruling form who govern by using majority vote. A Democracy is comparable, yet each and each citizen has a vote.

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