Medical Panel Exam Question?

Please tell me what a medical panel exam is. What will be done/examined at a panel exam? Will there be blood tests and xrays?

Will the doctor examine the whole body? Without clothing?

The panel exam is to be done by a doctor we do not know. My brother got a knee injury at work. The insurance is requesting the IME medical panel exam.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Panel may mean a panel of several doctors, all paid to agree with the insurance in order to discount the claim.

  • mstess
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    1 decade ago

    Both of my kids had to go for independent medical exams after they were both in car accidents. My son had broke his femur, and damaged his knee. It was not a whole body exam, the Dr just checked out his leg, and knee. He did a few tests for range of motion etc, but mostly just looked at all his x-rays, and notes from all his surgeries.

    My daughter was a complete mess. She had skull fractures, broken neck, broken pelvis, internal injuries, knee injury, broken & separated ribs, nerve damage etc etc etc. When she went for her exam, they asked her to wear shorts. She doesn't know why. The Dr did a couple of tests on her knee, and said thanks for coming. (The insurance company paid her to see their Dr. Paid for her flights, hotel, food, cabs etc) The Dr said he'd reviewed all her documents before she got there. She was in and out of his office in 15 minutes. Both times were a complete waste of time, and neither medical exam had any bearing on the outcome of the lawsuit.

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