AMC Spoiler Alert!!! Krystal's Secret...?

Please do not read if you don't like spoilers!!!!!

We all know that Adam was married to Krystal, so he probably knew a lot of intimate details about her, which helped him discover her secret, and many of us suspect that she has another daughter, possibly Babe's twin, who we will meet in a few days, and yes, it is very likely that she is the girl Krystal hung up on right after she answered when Krystal called her. David mistook her baby picture for Babe's when he saw it, and Krystal later burned the picture in the fireplace.

I think the girl's name is Marissa Tasker, and I think she may even be Babe's fraternal (not identical) twin sister, which means that David Hayword is her father, the result of a one-night stand he had with Krystal years ago. That would explain why Krystal is so intent on not telling David about her. She knows that if he knew about her, he would want to possess her, much like he wants to possess all of his other kids and grandchildren.

I could be wrong about who Marissa is, but an article about her reveals that Krystal is about to go see her at her place of business, which will be the first time we've seen this job on daytime. I want to know what you think Marissa's job will be.

You may read the article at:


Thanks for all of the answers so far.

And thanks for the additional info, HipHop!

And jurydoc, if it truly has already been revealed that Marissa is a masseuse, please share with us where that info is because I have searched high and low and haven't found it. I know it hasn't been revealed in the show yet. Thanks!

If you find the answer, please share your source! Thanks again to all!

Update 2:

I forgot to mention that I'm not giving all the thumbs down. Somebody keeps doing it to me on other questions, and now they are attacking this question.

I'm just trying to participate and share info.

Sorry to all of you!

Update 3:

Thanks for the link, jurydoc! Now I'm really interested to see whether the masseuse script is correct. I will extend the time on this question and will award you the 10 pts if you're right. I'm a man of honor, seriously.

I just want to wait a couple of days before I extend the time by a week in case we need it. I'm not sure how this works, so you all tell me if I can extend it anytime or more than once. I think I can only do it one time for one week. That's why I'm thinking I should wait a couple of days - to be sure we are able to include the time next week when Krystal will go see Marissa at work. Thanks again, jury!

In the meantime, rumors are sometimes wrong, so others please continue to submit your ideas. Thanks again to everyone!

Update 4:

I have extended the time as promised. However, they only allowed me to extend it 4 days instead of a week, so if we don't find out for sure what the job is within the next few days, I will assume jurydoc is correct and award her the 4 points. I may have to do this before I see Friday's show because of prior commitments.

Leslie, I'm sorry that you are upset that you "know who'll be chosen," but I'm doing my best to be fair and jurydoc shared the info about Marissa being a masseuse, so it seems only right that if she's correct, she should get the 10 points. And for the record, I don't know jurydoc, if that's what you are implying. You also didn't bother to answer the question, so why did you respond? Was it just to bash me? I really don't understand.

Jen, I'm not sure who you think is "right on the money." I think that people who have been giving thumbs up and down may be confused about that too.

Thanks again all! Can't wait to see what happens with this!

Update 5:

Jurydoc was right! I really want to compare her link to the actual show to see how close the leaked info was, but she definitely wins this one! Thanks for sharing this info, jurydoc! And thanks to all of you who participated!

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    It's already been revealed she is a masseuse.

    OK, here is the message board site. I do note that it is "rumor" and a casting/audition script, but in my experience these things usually come true.

  • 1 decade ago

    I will guess that Marissa will be a hostess (instead of a masseuse) at the masseuse parlor.

    I would guess that she's going to be something even more bizarre like a performing female impersonator, but I've read that both JR and Scott will be interested in her, and it appears she may become interested in Scott. I can't imagine that these guys would both be attracted to a really bizarre woman.

    I just think we were misled with the info that it's a job that's never been done on daytime because masseuse seems like it's been done, no offense intended to anyone except the spoiler writers who put that info out there. And I say Kudos to Trey for honoring his agreement with jurydoc!

  • 1 decade ago

    i am still not sure who marissa is,but i am thinking it is her daughter.she will meet marissa next week and her and krystal both will be arrested during a raid at the massuse parlor.she can't be krystal's sister though because jr. and scott both are going to compete for.i got my info at it is one of the better spoiler sites.i think amc is about to heat up.tad is going to start investigating who really killed dixie,and the results will change him forever.i wonder who it is?someone is going to be murdered in pv.i wonder if it is dr.evil?

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry, but hooker has been done and done well. OLTL had one of the most dramatic scenes in soap history when Karen Woleck, wife of Chief of Staff larry Woleck, broke down on the stand and admitted that she was a hooker while her husband was at work. And Donna Brook Tyler, wife to Phoebe Tyler's grandson, Chuck, was originally a hooker, run by a pimp named Tyrone. And then there was the infamous Billy Clyde Tuggle on AMC. Anyway, it's hard for me to think of what it could be unless it's professional surrogate. BTW - Trey, thanks for the heads up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since they're saying it's the first time we've seen the job on daytime, I think it will be a really obscure job that nobody could figure out except possbly by chance.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I will guess that Marissa is a madam, sort of like Heidi Fleiss, but most likely not with the celebrity clients that Ms. Fleiss had.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    rumors are sometimes wrong and we know who'll be chosen.

    Babe had a sister and she's about to be revealed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can't imagine that this hasn't been done on daytime, but I think Marissa will be an escort, call girl, hooker, prostitute, or whatever term you want to call it.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe that you are right on the money. I don't see what else it could be!

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