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    Put water into the sand and salt and stir it for a long time. The salt will dissolve and the sand will be left, even if it is a bit wet. You can use a filter funnel to get the water out and if you want the sand to be dry you can use bunsen burner or your stove at home to burn it as sand is inflammable and the water will evaporate instead. This way, you will get the sand.

    If you want the salt, then you need to boil the water (highlighted) with a Bunsen burner. Put it into a beaker or bowl and boil it with a bunsen burner. the water will evaporate and you will be left with the salt!

    See, am I very clever?

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    用水融了鹽, 成了液體倒出, 剩下了沙.

    把鹽水倒入锅内, 把水燃烧亁, 剩下了鹽

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