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Superstition in Germany

我要Superstition in Germany〈德國有哪些迷信?〉的資料,並且我要英文的文章!越多篇越好,篇幅要長!

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    【Holidays and Holy Days】

    1. If a girl does not finish her spinning on Saturday, then the leftover flax or tow will not become good yarn and will never bleach.

    2. Clothing sewn with thread spun on Christmas Eve repels insects and vermin.

    3. A shirt, sewn with thread that was spun during the twelve days of Christmas, is good for many things.

    4. Those who spin on Saturday night, will not rest in their graves.

    5. If one leaves Saturday's yarn Saturday on the the spinning wheel all day on Sunday then it will turn into a hopeless snarl.

    【Courtship and Marriage】

    1. Unmarried women who desire husbands should, on the night before Saint Andrew's day, naked, call on this saint, and their loved ones will appear to them in their sleep.

    2. If a girl wishes to know what kind of hair her loved one has, on Christmas Eve she should reach backwards out the door, and she shall hold the hair in her hand.

    3. To learn if she shall marry within the next year, a virgin should knock on the chicken coop on Christmas Eve or at midnight. If a rooster cackles she will, if a hen cackles she won't.

    4. To discover if her lover will be upright or crooked, a girl must stand against a cord or a stack of wood on Christmas Eve and pull a log out backwards; her lover will be like the log.

    5. Christmas Eve between 11 and 12 o'clock all single girls wake up. To learn whether or not they will marry in the next year, they take off all their clothes, stick their heads into the kitchen kettle and watch the bubbling water.


    基本上這些資料應該是來自一本書 "Superstitions from Europe"




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