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行銷 英翻中 請各位大大幫忙押

Reflecting their increasing importance in the marketplace. women are increasingly being targeted and catered to by major marketers alike.Marketers such as Revlon(露華濃) and others are changing their media buys as women change their lifestyles. As increasing numbers of women work, advertising emphasis is shifting to weekends and early morning news programs. Women are also increasing users of the Web, and decreasing users of television. They are generally rejecting the conventional ways of doing things.

Nike is putting increasing emphasis on designing sports shoes for women, instead of "cloning"versions of men's shoes for women. Women desire shoes tailored specifically for their fit. Other major industries targeting women are packaged food companies. health and beauty product manufacturers. candy marketers . wine companies .and low-end mass retailers and department stores.

Also reflecting the premium most working women place on their time and the stressful nature of their lifestyles.marketers are promoting products which provide quick and easy remedies for everyday situations.

such as mealtime snacks which allow giving in to onee's cravings. and "pamper-me " products such as bath oils. specialty coffee. andweekend get-aways.


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    如進餐和“無微不至的關愛,產品,如沐浴油。特種咖啡。 ~~週末促銷活動

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    反射他們增长的重要性在市場。 婦女由主要去市場的人越來越瞄準并且迎合。去市場的人例如Revlon (露華濃)和其他改變他們的媒介購買,当婦女改變他們的生活方式。 当婦女的增长的數字运作,給重點做廣告轉移到週末和清早新闻节目。 婦女也增加網的用戶和電視的越來越少的用戶。 他們通常拒绝做事常規方式。

    耐克投入對設計體育鞋子的增长的重點婦女的,而不是" cloning" 人的鞋子的版本婦女的。 婦女渴望為他們的適合明確地剪裁的鞋子。 瞄準婦女的其他大型企业是被包裝的食品公司。 健康和美容品製造商。 糖果去市場的人。 酒公司.and低價的許多零售商和百货商店。


    例如進餐時間准许屈服onee的熱衷的solutions.no罪狀快餐。 并且" 縱容我" 產品例如浴油。 專業咖啡。 andweekend逃走。

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