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雖然多數人打工都是為了「錢」,但其實打工可以得到的東西,並不只有錢而已,它會讓你提早適應社會、得到各種工作經驗、甚至認識很多人。學會人與人之間的交際,拓展自己的交友圈 對以後的工作有幫助

所以鼓勵大家趁學生時代多多打工(但可不能因此荒廢學業),成績與工作能顧的好的話 也可兩個同時進行,有效的安排運用時間充實人生。它還有一種很重要的功能,就是讓你提早成熟,做好心理準備,以免等到畢業正式進入社會後,被這世界的黑暗給嚇到

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    I believe that most students had part-time or temporary jobs working experiences. Even though the major intention for a par time jobs is to earn you extra dollars, one may learn more than he/she is expecting from it, such as recognizing more people and practicing inter-person skills. These people you know from part time jobs may eventually benefit you as they become your future best friends or business partner.

    Without interrupting the responsibilities in schools, I strongly encourage students to gain as much part-time working experience as they can. The best scenario will be simultaneously maintaining good grades and keeping a part time under a well planned and effective schedule. There are two more important functions served by part-time jobs, personality maturity and physical preparation for full time jobs. These functions will help a student adjusting to this cruel world after graduating from the school.

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    Please change "physical preparation" to "psychological preparation". Sorry for the inconvenience.

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