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英文自傳翻譯....請幫忙. 贈 20 點




請貴 公司給我一個機會



工作內容翻譯 , 請幫忙翻譯成英文.





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    請我 外國老師翻譯的!當時他還以為我要找工作0.0


    I was grown in a harmonious family since the childhood, economic condition middle-class family, family's each other got along with also extremely harmonious. From small


    The parents' tube toward me teaches a way of adopting the free development, and has strong row curiosity me since the childhood, having more chances to get in touch with oneself to have interest thing continuously, can say from small have already established action proper good foundation all. Peacetime a person of the time like to get to the Internet, read book, occasionally make use of day off and 35 good friends to outskirts to have an outing.


    In spite of is common to get along with friend, or live a medium group activity, I often play a coordinator's role. I always put into actively to the oneself's interested in work, once deciding to participate any business certainly make an effort to match with to be responsible for exactly. From many life experiences, I also find to cooperate together of person's influence to me is very big.


    So, I mastered how to get along with the person of different character, understand this world by the person of myriad shapes constitute, also therefore have fun more and prefer to have a challenge and can and the person get in touch with of work. In past working experience, the sharp observation power lets my ability elaboration extremely of realize guest's demand, the establishment maintains a relationship with of customer, also expecting to oneself can have a better performance in the future.

    請貴 公司給我一個機會

    Please give me a chance

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    如果你有需要中英求職翻譯自傳、面試、自我介紹或是推甄自傳等翻譯問題,你可以參考下面的部落格,那個部落格有分享很多實用的翻譯範例,對你的求職應該很有幫助!滿多相關資訊,滿實用的! 部落格網址:

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    I excel in the harmonious family from the xiaosheng, the financial circumstance is well-off, between the family member each other is together extremely is also harmonious. From small has inherited the individuality which father and mother natural disposition open and bright, not bothers about trifles, this kind of special characteristic also causes me to be together very easily with the human, interpersonal relationship quite good; The parents teach regarding me adopt the free development the way, but has the intense curiosity since childhood I, has more opportunities to be possible to contact itself to have the interest thing unceasingly, may say from small has laid the sound of something astir all suitable good foundation. Usually a person's time likes accessing the net, reading, occasionally goes for a walk in the countryside at the qingming festival using the holiday with 35 good friends to the suburb. No matter is ordinary and the friend is together, when perhaps in life group activities, I am often playing a coordinator's role. I am interested to myself the work always positively to invest, once the decision participates in any business, certainly will try to coordinate to be responsible. From many experience of life, I also discovered the one cooperates the human is very big to my influence. Therefore, how I have learned and the different individuality person am together, understood that this world is composed of the person of all forms, also therefore has the pleasure, and has the challenging by chance, and can contact with the human work. In the past's work experience, the keen power of observation let I could enter carefully micro realize visitor's need, established the maintenance with customer's between relations, also hoped that oneself future may have the good showing. Asks your firm to give me an opportunity

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