Hey IPL fans pay attention...Especially KKR fans..Listen?

Well U might already know that today it was finally announced that Sourav Ganguli wont be the captain of KKR...atleast 4 the initial matches... McCullam will replace him...Well I'm not telling that McCullam isn't worthy of it..Just telling that the things happening to not only Dada but all the icon players of the franchises, who r seniors...really disgusting.. I as a KKR and Dada fan really feeling humiliated... I mean if the franchise owners and authorities were planning something like this... then what was the motive of selecting seniors in the first place and even selecting some of them as icon players??

This is really insane....Previously I really had a completely different view on IPL...I thought it was not just about loss and profit....But now I think I was wrong big time....after all this I am not sure whether to watch this money premier league or not..DO U AGREE??

And it also comes to hear that although the 4 captaincy theory in one single match has been withdrawn...

but there will be 4 captains...each 4 some individual matches...Like McCullam 4 the start-up matches..

Well was there any need of this crap??

but anyway....as a Dada fan I think what Dada should do immediately is resign from KKR...

if he really cares about his fans and his own self-respect...

Although I don't know whether it can be done so easily as all the icon players

have 3year contracts with the franchises...But if it's possible..

then he should immediately do it...

Bcoz I think as last year IPL was held in India...they needed Dada just 4 filling up the Eden Gardens stadium with his huge kolkatan fan following....that was the only utility of dada in their view I think....and now that IPL is shifted to SA....they don't feel the need for him now.....really is this some kind of joke??? I am really sick of it....WHAT'S UR TAKE ON THIS??


Well...Vicky K...U may be right....bt who has given them the right to insult the senior Indian players??...They should at least show them the proper respect they deserve....

Update 2:

Well Hooglee I agree with u in some parts....bt still it's really disgusting...and SRK told b4 that Dada will be the captain no matter what happens...But now we can easily understand that he has chosen to walk buchanan's way.. If he really respected dada's views....he should hv consulted Dada... And dada will prove himself if he get the chance..but now that he's not the captain..there's no assurance that buchanan wont end up having him to sit back and watch the game....Captaincy toh dur ki baat hain....

Update 3:

And after all these....I think being an Icon player of a franchise isn't quite a big thing.... But yeah if U r an outsider...then it's really a big thing...

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    Nilanjan, it's not at all about being a KKR fan! It's about being a loyal Dada fan, and a PROUD BENGALI! As I'm both, its needless to say that this decision on the part of our coach has hurt me considerably! In fact, it would hurt all who were looking forward to express the charm of watching a team led by the Bengal Tiger-now, it seems as if the captaincy would be bestowed upon Dada for no more than perhaps just a couple of unimportant matches.

    My question is that WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DELIBERATELY INSULT OUR FORMER GREATS, IF U FEEL THAT THEY R NOT COMPETENT ANYMORE? It is obvious that SRK is here to make some quick cash, and not for the love of Kolkata! Owing to KKR's setback last year, Buchannan must have thought that the team is in charge of an unworthy skipper, and that's why, this time, he chose to take charge himself! Typical Australian arrogance! BEWARE DADA FANS-ANOTHER GREG CHAPELL IS HERE TO TORMENT OUR DADA!

    For God's sake, when will such coaches realize that it's not football-in cricket, the coach is nothing but an adviser of the team! Will there be any harmony in the team it is being led by more than one leader? Fine, we will just sit back and watch the fun! But enough is enough-now, Dada should sign off from KKR in the same style as he did for India, as an apt answer to this insult!



    Edit: Pardon me Hoog Lee, but all these things couldn't have happened without the support of SRK! No offense to the SRK fans-but the truth is that SRK hasn't done a big favour to our Dada by giving him those endorsements and cheap shows-instead, SRK has lowered his esteem in the eyes of fans like us, by persuading him to do such shows-that man is a shrewd manipulator! And if SRK had the slightest respect for the sentiments of us Bengalis, he would have "saved Dada from his coach", as u say! And if SRK thinks that Buchannan is indispensable for KKR's victory, then he will be making the same mistake as BCCI did by thinking that Greg Chapell would lead India to victory-we all know what happened in WC 2007, right? Well, history repeats itself!

    No one saves the Bengal Tiger- no one has ever helped him in the slightest way! Just remember that the TIGER KNOWS HOW TO SAVE HIMSELF, AND MY HEART SAYS, HE WILL DO THAT AGAIN!

    Rex-I'm totally with u! It seems that Indian cricket is being dominated by Aussies!

    Source(s): Proud to be a Bengali-a Bengal Tiger fan!
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    Let me at start tell you that I am not for removal of Sourav. Let us accept the morsel- that he is still the Iconic Captain.

    As you all know, I am a great KKR fan as also Sourav's fan. He is one man who took the reins of a dilapilated Team India at such a young age, when no one was capable of it. Even Sachin ditched India then, saying his batting suffered.

    Going back in History to explain the complicated man, SG. These qualities that made him so successful, put Aussies in their place, also made Sourav a difficult person as also an enemy of many.

    Then when KKR was losing, it was clear that SG was not getting on with both Coach and SRK. Team mates also spoke against the Captain. Something seemed wrong. Even though I did not like Gul's Mutiny, I understood his words, that, "Sourav is not a T20 Captain".

    At least the Dressing Room scene should be relaxed and happy.

    Had KKR won inspite of it all, SG could have asserted himself and SRK would have stood by him.

    Not that SRK is not by Sourav. He is giving Sourav many endorsements and shows. Sourav has openly said on TV to Shah Rukh , save me from my coach !

    But, SRK's main aim is a Team win. Win at any cost.

    What Buchanon has now done is what Vijay Mallya has done some time ago. He has 3 Captains. He MADE RD bow out saying he was busy with his coming child.

    If matches were in Eden Gardens, they'd have done it in another manner. But the axe was ready to fall.

    As for Mc Cullum, I think he is a good player. He is my next fav. But I am very Indian at heart.

    No, Sourav should adjust and not resign. This is all he has left in the cricketing play World. He knew all this. SRK has spoken to him and Buchanon, so this change of 1 Capt.

    Sourav is a professional. He will adjust and do well. He must show he can play well. Also Captain well if given a chance.

    Just a last word.

    I have always been told: You get what you take.

    Wonder why Sourav always " takes".

    Wonder why he gets -ve from all quarters.

    Lots to learn from his life.

    Source(s): Oh Lord! This is longer than your Q.
  • Nilanjan,I being a dada follower completely agree with u actually if u look back and see the history u will notice that dada is always told this way..but please don't worry actully dada is a phoenix bird and he always rise from the ashes and save the team for which he is playng...so he will again come back and mah take is simple...it's something which is very positive for we followers as the world will again see a great comeback-the hero will be our dada-SOURAV GANGULY....and if dada doesn't hold the rope no worry!!KKR will end up loosing our team will be among the last 2...but let's hope for the best.....and pls don't get angry and feel sorry as dada has only taught us to be firm in difficult situations...

  • ofcourse iam also sad bcoz the same thing happened to RAHUL DRAVID .i totally felt like crying at that time.but no other go.i being a die hard fan of rahul thought why is hell vijay mallya livivg in this world.he is the icon player but not the captain.this sounds so funny.i dont know why is this thing happening to the senior players of the country.and that too ganguly and dravid being the fab four are not allowed to captain thier own states.strangers for our country like mcCullum and kevin pieterson are captaining our own indian state's teams and that to in the indian premiere league.indian premiere league is the name of the league but it has international captains.but talking about KKR the owner SRK itself is too good,but the coach is doing too much as if he is the owner.is this the respect the owners give to the senior players of our country who have won and saved a lot and lot of matches for our country?this kind of act is surely hurting for many fans of the respecting team who r supporting the team for their favorite players.huh!what can i say about the owners especially vijay mallya?i dont care to call him a drunkard at all.i think instead of entertaining the people on the other hand the ipl has also brought about many problems and controversies between the players and owners and the coaches especially.it has also hurt the hearts of many fans.ok any way dont worry about these things and just keep supporting your favorite player at any time during any circumstances and even when he is going through a bad patch.ALL THE BEST DADA!!!!!!COZ WE ARE GOING TO SEE U BACK ON FIELD AFTER A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    KKR will lose and Shahrukh will lose the most money.No Dada no wins..they will lose so bad that Shahrukh will repent for his decision.Instead of throwing Buchanan out,they are doing things to such a talented senior player.When such things happen,it makes us feel that even after 62 years,the outsiders are ruling the Indians..

    From A Die Hard Sourav Fan!!!!

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    I just saw the news before i opened this qn, it sends a chill down my spine..... We can see that this is OBVIOUSLY an insult to cricket and cricketers..... It is OBVIOUSLY Shahrukh's money and 'power', he sends a worthy man, the local boy out, gets an outsider in, tells Sunny Gavaskar he cud buy a team for himself...... If theyre gonna break up captaincy like this, its going to cause more confusion and i dont see KKR going anywhere this season..... And I think Dada shud leave that TEAM, because its not about 'KOLKATA' but about 'SHAHRUKH'(who ive started to detest lately) and we at Chennai would be really happy to have him.... ;-) :-P

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    Dada the Leader what ever format it could be.......

    what the hell sharukh and buchanaaaaaan is doing???

    First get the hell (Buchannan) out of KKR

    Jaiho dada....

    Pls come out of KKR to retain your self respect.

    Be Royal and act as a royal bengal tiger

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    Its time saurav,laxman and Dravid should tell their owners and get out of IPL as such seniors who are well respected are treated as dirt by people like sharukh and mallya who do not know C oricket and buchanan andcompany are humiliating the Indias stars. Time to scrap IPL.

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    KKR will end this season in last two

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