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Nascar Nation- Who is a better driver? out of these 3.?

Rule: Only vote out of these drivers listed, try your best not to be biased and please dont complain that i left someone out. I tried my best picking a few drivers from the top racing series.

Jimmie Johnson- Nascar, 3 time champion

Lewis Hamilton- Formula 1, youngest champion

Sebastien Loeb- WRC, 5 time champion


My pick has to be Sebastien Loeb, that guy can drive like hell. He even tested for Red Bull in F1 and said he wanted to add HP to make the Cart go faster...


Whoever gives best explanation for why you choose who you did, gets best answer btw.

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    Well... In the Nascar section, Jimmie Johnson will be considered the best by most.

    I don't know much about the other 2 but I say Jimmie. He already has 3 cup titles and 40 something wins and I wouldn't be surprised to see him to finish out his career with a few more Sprint cups.

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    Right off the bat you have to eliminate Lewis Hamilton. Nothing against him it's just that F1 is all about the equipment and politics and has very little to do with the drivers ability, at least that is the case now. I am not very familiar with Sebastien Loeb so that leaves only Jimmie Johnson. I do not know how much competition Mr. Loeb has but Jimmie has to battle 42 other cars most weekends. Granted, only about 15 or 20 of them would have a legitimate chance, under the right circumstances, to win the race but that is still more contenders than a whole F1 field. Only one other driver has won 3 championships in a row and Jimmie now has a chance to break that record. He is rewriting the record books and is in the top 10 for winning percentage in NASCAR all time! He has never finished lower than 5th in the final standings, I feel this his biggest claim to greatness. BTW, I looked up some stats on Sebastien and he appears to be an extremely impressive driver. I'm just not too sure about the competition in rally racing and don't really follow it, sorry.

    Jonah's FINE N 09!!!!

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    Jimmie Johnson. Simple-three staright times a champion. Never heard of WRC or Loeb.

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    In a way, this is like comparing apples to oranges. All three forms of racing require exceptional skills and talent. But...

    I have to say that I believe Loeb is the better all-out driver of all three. The key words being all-out driver. WRC rally drivers are the best in the world to me. They drive in the rain, in the snow, and in the scorching heat and dust. They drive on dirt, pavement, snow, gravel and even ice. They can handled all types of turns in all manner of configurations and not on a carefully designed track. To me, that's the epitome of driving since it's a testament to quite a number of driving skills.

    For all we know, Jimmie and Hamilton can drive rally as well as Loeb, but we haven't seen that yet. So I'm gonna go with Loeb.

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    Jimmie Johnson

  • D B
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    Jimmie is my favourite NASCAR driver but I don't think he could drive on a dirt back road at full speed like Loeb can. Those rally drivers have more balls then any other type of race driver in my opinion. Also Hamilton isn't my favorite F1 driver so he's out.

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    They are all excellent drivers in their own field, but this is the NASCAR section.. The only way to judge them against each other would be to decide who might survive in the other two series..Of the three, I think it would be Jimmie.. I don't believe Loeb would be smooth enough for F1, and Hamilton would be lost in on an oval, in a thirty four hundred pound car (1500 kilos give or take).. But Jimmie is smooth as silk on ovals, and road courses, and has been successful on dirt.. And the new COT in NASCAR is not aero dependent at all.. Anyone who can be smooth in that is a hell of a driver..

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    Jimmie Johnson-

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    Jimmie Johnson.

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