what is the song "wings of a butterfly"-H.I.M, supposed to mean o.O'?

and if you know what "vampire heart" means as well..please tell

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    Huh, I'm not sure. These are links to song meaning websites, if you want their opinion.



    Ville Valo in a Kerrang magazine says that it comes from a Greek mythology that they believed that if you ripped the wings out of a butterfly then they would live forever. Would you be able to destroy something Beautiful to live forever. The first verse tells of excitement "the blood on our hands is the wine" "heaven's ablaze in our eyes" "we offer as sacrifice". But the second verse shows the regrets they face but they still don't have to worry about dieing, they have become immortal. but they still want forgiveness "This endless mercy mile" "hell's freezing over in our eyes" "God's kneel before our crimes"

    Another opinion is:

    Valo actually told what this song means at the HIM concert in Denver. He basically said that everyone is trying to find a hidden meaning in this song but its simply about torturing something that's precious to most people.

    A very good one:

    . In certain cultures, butterflies are believed to be sacred. And they live forever. But ripping the wings of them off, would kill them, thus giving the person who ripped them off, eternal life. In this song, Ville is basically saying: are you willing to take a chance to ruin something beautiful (a butterfly. But in this case, he's using a metaphor. Ie butterfly = life) To take a risk (ripping the wings off = a relationship) in order to gain something greater (eternal life from ripping the wings off = Love). It's confusing, but quite fascinating once you figure it out.

    As for Vampire Heart:

    Here's one:

    Seems to me, it's about a girl who broke up with a guy and instead of being heartbroken-depressed "poor me", he got angry and sort of began stalking her. I think the vampire fits into this because vampires often stalk or watch humans before attacking and the guy seems to be stalking or watching her and planning something. (like to kill her or rape her or whatever) I love this song, despite the fact my ex has a vampire heart and this song sounds like something he'd say to me...


    ts a true story of beauty and the beast....a man hidden by shadows, because of his own fear of himself, and his love for someone else, and how he wants to feel that burning love deep inside his still heart.

    this can also be translated into the above mentioned quote from ville "It's about not being the most pleasant guy in rock" as he is not the most popular guy in rock, but its the love of his fans that drives him to keep creating his music

    I'm not too sure myself, I have opinions, but not definite ones. HIM's AMAZING though. Absolutely love 'em. ;D Wearing their shirt right now, actually. PLUS, I got to buy a purse of them! :D

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    Wings Of A Butterfly

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    what is the song "wings of a butterfly"-H.I.M, supposed to mean o.O'?

    and if you know what "vampire heart" means as well..please tell

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    whatever you want it to. Music has different meaning for each of us

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