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Is Stephanie Meyer, that Twilight Author the next Shakespeare?

I work in a bookstore and a girl buying 'her third' copy of the first book told me the author was the next Shakespeare. Do you find this as amusing as I do? IZ SHI DA NxT SHAKZPEAR! ?!


I would have burst out laughing but I just stood there in complete shock, also I think it would be a little rude to the customer.

Update 2:

So true festfan!

her salary and fortune doesn't warrant the talent she has

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    She may not be the next Shakespeare, but I'll bet her bank account looks a lot healthier than his did.

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    I can kinda see what that girl meant...She is an amazing writer..but that is kinda where the comparison stops. He is a legend and wrote stories, dramas and poems. Stephanie Meyer is a great author and she will be remembered and will write more great books but she is definitely not the next Shakespeare.

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    hell no she's not the next Shakespeare. Twilight is okay. It's mostly for romantics and heart throbs who like the idea of a clingy, over protective, possessive boyfriend with no social life and likes to watch his girlfriend sleep fall in love with a girl with no back bone, no tan, no meat on her bones, little personality, and no goals in her life other than to have sex and become a vampire.

    Twilight is good but it's way overrated.

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    Um, hell no. No where near. That girl is a little delusional. Stephenie Meyer is just another teen author that will come and one will remember who she is 50 years from now...where as Shakespeare is timeless. I can't believe she would even begin to compare them! Does she even know who Shakespeare is???!!! They are no where even near in the same league!!! SHAKESPEAR OWN STEPHENIE MEYER'S ***!!

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    No, no one will ever beat Shakespeare. His stories (plays) are so good that the idea of them is still used in movies today.

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    Hell no, she is not! She's not qualified to write the Sunday Comics, let alone be compared to a great literary GENIUS such as Shakespeare

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    If by Shakespeare you mean the orang utan at the local zoo, then yes by all means

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    (laughing...)she honestly said that. Okay,I think this is where -OH MY GOD,OMG!! fits.(shakes head)

    You should have sold her Hamlet,Taming of the Shrew or A Midnight Summer's Dream and told her it was better than Twilight. :D

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    I'm pretty sure the Twilight series isn't seen as literature.

    They are teen novels. A fad.

    Source(s): Experience with teen obsessions: Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
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    LOL some people are so stupid... NO one can be the next Shakespeare.

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