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ELMO pizza SONG~help lyrics?

Can someone give me the lyrics to the pizza elmo toy? I really need it and i can't hear the lyrics properly cuz i have a hearing aid and it's fussy.

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    For those inquisitive minds, the song goes like this:

    Elmo: A pizza piiiiie -- is made with dough and then we throw it...into the aaaaair.

    Pizza: Into the aaaaair!

    Elmo: Yeay! Soooon, we'll add some sauce, and then some cheeses...and then we bake!

    Pizza: Just like a caaaaake!

    *Elmo laughs*

    Elmo: Yuuuhmy, yuuuhmy, that's a pizza pie!

    Pizza: Yuuuhmy, yuuuhmy, you toss me in the sky!

    Elmo: A pizza pie is very nice; it's good to eat them by the sliiiiice!

    Both: Yummy, yummy, yum. Baking pizza's so much fun!

    *Both laugh*

    Elmo: Hey! Who ordered a talking pizza?

    *Elmo laughs*

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