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Who has a greater legacy: Kareem Abdul Jabbar + John Wooden or Michael Jordan + Dean Smith?

simple question.


King- You have no credibility on this site. You probably dont even know who Dean Smith is LOL. You newb.

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    Jabbar's UCLA teams were 88-2 during his three varsity seasons, and won not one, not two, but three national titles in a row.

    As a freshman, Jabbar led the UCLA freshman team to a victory over the varsity in their annual pre-season game. The varsity had just won back to back NCAA titles the two previous years (freshmen were ineligible for varsity play at that time)

    Jabbar was the greatest player in the history of college basketball, as well as being the NBA's all time leading scorer.

    Absolutely no contest.

    Jabbar won three national titles, Jordan one (thanks to James Worthy).. Wooden won ten national titles, Dean Smith won two.

    Smith was in the final four eleven times... Wooden WON it ten times.

    Not even close.

    KING - anyone can look up Dean Smith on Wikipedia... doesn't mean you really know who he is.

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    Kareem+John Wooden

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    Kareem+Wooden They were together 4 years, 3 consecutive National Championships (would have been 4 but freshman couldn't play Varsity), NCAA changed the rules because of Kareem's dominance (No dunking), later reinstated. So he developed the sky hook.

    simple answer

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    Kareem and John Wooden.

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    michael jordan for sure because he is a god of basketball there are not going to be another michael jordan any more.

    michael jordan is world known god of basketball

    if you ask some people who is in other countries other US

    people will say who the heck is kareem, john or dean smith

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    Kareem+Wooden. They never lost a GAME together.

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    3 consecutive championships would have been four but freshmen could not play on school team.

    Check this out tho in kareems freshmen year the bruins won the chip without him, but him and his freshment team took over the school team in practice, that shows u how dominant he was

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  • Michael Jordan have a better legacy than ALL (Kareem, Wooden, & Dean) of them combined.


    Stevenson Lopez nailed it...Lol

    Who are those guys? Ha Ha!

    And Nathan Nice you approved of it by saying that I probably don't know who Dean Smith is (which I do)...LMFAO!


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    jordan and smith

    won a natnl title at unc..

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