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How many people think Janet Napolitano is a ridiculous example of homeland security chief?

I live in AZ and everyone here hated her so we were laughing at the thought of her being promoted to Washington and now her comments against vets and pro-lifers?!? Are you kidding me!

Sure, there are some freaks who bomb abortion clinics but the majority of pro lifers are NOT terrorists! That would go against their entire ideal "pro life!"

And DO NOT even get me started on targeting our vets.

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    Ok, kiddies.

    A lesson in REAL History.

    Not that watered-down toilet-flush presented in public( State-Controlled)


    You are observing what REAL National Socialists - NAZIS - do.

    Some gun-totin' right wing 'Conservative' can NEVER, by ANY definition,

    be a NAZI.

    The comparisons the Demogogucrats make in order to demonize

    those right-wing groups as histories' German Nazis can never work -

    The only activity that could be held in common between them is the

    abject racism.

    It begins and ends there alone.

    Right- wingers want no gov't in any way,shape or form.

    Left-wingers (Demogogucrats) want total cradle-to-grave gov't socialized

    population control.

    And that is what this Janet Napolitano is part of.

    Not Hitlers' version of Nazi-ism.

    Hitler had all of the founders of Germanys' Socialist Workers Union and

    Party executed or thrown into concentration camps.

    This was called the "Night of the Long Knives."

    He was an Idiot.

    This bunch here follows the methodology of the original German socialist founders.

    With a very unhealthy measure of Marxist/Leninism thrown in.

    Whom do you think taught the Boomers in this 'party' mix when they

    were in college back in the 60's ?

    All those German socialist professors had to go somewhere when they

    fled Hitler.

    Same goes for those Soviet Marxist professors whom managed to

    escape Stalins' madness.

    Todays' mix of Social/Marxists think they won't make the same mistakes those homicidal maniacs did.

    Hah - hah-hh, not with that kind of political power !!

    Look at how much control these politicos have over the media - this is

    just one facet of the American establishment.

    The 'public' education system - brainwashed from kindergarten on up.

    Transportation, Energy( utilities ), & etc.

    Fascism is defined by Merriam/Webster, first, as the government control of an economy - not market forces - which is the standard.

    The jack-boot goon squads are the secondary results which follow these


    Enter Janet Napolitano - she moved too openly.....

    Secrecy is paramount.

    There is not a thing funny about this.

    Our Constitutional Democracy is in deep peril of being usurped from

    the top !

    Obama is funding Acorn + - 3.5 BILLION dollars - to do what ?!

    They are a civvy group whom answer to a political party -

    not Congress, nor the Justices, or for the matter - the Constitution.

    "Brown Shirts?"

    An American version of the Gestapo ?

    A secret 'police' force is absolutely necessary in order for a socialist

    form of government to succeed.

    Of course, History shows us that socialism just does not work in

    the industrial age.

    I hope that prez Obama comes to his senses before it's too far along,

    and tones things down a few notches.

    This( America) ain't like Europe or any where else for the matter -

    They were always under Monarchys before they adopted socialism

    or parliamentary democracies.

    We always have had a CONSTITUTIONAL Democracy !

    We know better !!

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    The report put out by Homeland Security is a D*** F****ing joke! These people that layed their lives on the line, risked death, and saw their friends blown to pieces are now terrorist? They have to come home to a country that has the government labeling them as a threat? What the heck is going on? I have a friend that a few months ago said he would go back because he lost people... now he is pis***. I thought it was bad when Vietnam Vets were ignored...but this is ludicrous. I think she and the whole mess sucks!

    But the Vets are at the top of the list. I have tried to get the ten page pdf and it will not come up on my computer. Do you have a link?

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    She seems to be just another dippy female like that she cat who heads up the Senate...How is it the Dems managed to find two of the stupidest females on the face of the earth and give them high positions.. and they laughed at Sarah palin.. God.. she sounds like a Rhodes scholar next to these two idiots!

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    Who cares? I kinda concept we had more advantageous to a place interior the international the place a woman might have a profession and grew to become into no longer defined by utilising having babies and a husband from now on? (i comprehend this would not prepare to Sarah Palin because of the fact if it did no person might have asked how she might desire to boost her babies and be vp.)

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  • Bill
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    1 decade ago

    I agree that Janet Napolitano is ridiculous. This radical and racist administration is trying to skew EVERYTHING towards black causes and people of color. It is Obama who is a di-hard racist and who’s agenda is to promote black causes as much as possible and to, of course, ultimately give AMNESTY to the 30 million ILLEGAL immigrants that are in our country and absolutely GUARANTEE a re-election - as these ILLEGALS are allowed to vote for their “savior”. Power is that important to our elected officials and Obama. o_O

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    First they control the media, then control the desenters and next thing you know we are all communists. Swell.

    It will never happen though, the more obama talks the lesss popular he becomes.

  • jpc458
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe she can hang out with Janet Reno while she is in DC.Only a real loser would disrespect vets.

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    She is doing her job... Who cares if she is liked by you or any of us..It's how well she can do her job.. You cant take things out of Context and make it suit what you want it too.. Please stop listening to Fox news and Rush and their Sidekicks.. They only give you what they want you to know , has nothing to do with the truth.. They are so Unbalanced and so far right that no one takes them seriously.. Fair and balanced..I think not! Unfair and unbalanced..Yes..Just my fair and balanced opinion

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