Fishing Boat Alluminum vs Fibre Glass?

Fibre Glass vs Alluminum Fishing Boat - Pros & Cons?

I currently have a 14ft tin boat (9.9hp) for fishing: Sometimes in shallow stumpy, rocky water. I have hit rocks/ bottomed, draged up boat ramps, rocks, etc.

With that said...

Looking at buying a new 14 foot fibre glass fishing boat. Does anyone know the pros and cons of owning and operating a fibre glass vs alluminum?

I heard you may risk a rupture with fibre glass if you strike something & that the life of the fibre boat is shorter. And I know I will need a trailer.

Thanks for the advice Good luck fishing!!

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  • dumdum
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    1 decade ago
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    I owned several aluminum boats and got a fiberglass boat a few years back. I now went to a aluminum boat that I use for fishing and hunting out of. I prefer it much better then the fiberglass boat- the aluminum is much better suited for the conditions that you describe. The fiberglass is going to have to be heavier to tow and get up boat ramps, will not carry as large a load as the aluminum boats, will not hold up in snaggy waters without constant costly repairs, and will need more upkeep. On the plus side they are quieter, more comfortable and ride much smoother in rough waters. It really should depend on the lakes you fish in. If you fish large open bodies of water, get the fiberglass.If the lake you fish is as you describe it, best stick to the aluminum. Good luck on your decision.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have owned strip-builts, plywoods, fiberglass and aluminum boats and used them for fishing, hunting and water-skiing. A quality Aluminum boat, properly designed and outfitted, will RUN RINGS AROUND ANY OTHER TYPE OF BOAT. I now own a Princecraft 165 with live well, 2 sonars, trolling motor and Mercury engine. It rides smoothly in all kinds of weather and is a lot lighter than any fiberglass boat. Don't waste your money on fiberglass. There are at least 6 makers of well designed aluminum boats, so you have a good selection to choose from. Whatever you buy, get the widest beam you can find. It's wider stability pays off when fishing and moving from side to side.

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    I've owned both types and personally prefer the aluminum/"tin" (14' Jon). With the fiberglass type when ya' smack somethin' she ain't goin' ta' "rupture" but, the resin and roving will "fracture"... Whereas with the aluminum you'll put a' dent in her which can be takin' out with a' rubber mallet. Fiberglass fractures can be easily repaired (dependin' on just how deep the fracture goes) with just a good sandin' through the Gel-Coat (fiberglass terminology for the exterior paint of the vessel) followed up with some BOAT roving, resin, catalyst (resin hardener) and before ya' know it she'll be ready ta' take her back for a swim. Hope I've cleared up a few things and whatever material you decide ~ "Fish On";)... < ' ( (( > <

    One brand of a' Fiberglass Repair Kit:

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  • Alex
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    1 decade ago

    fiberglass boats can be fast but are substantially less durable. I can run my 16ft aluminum onto shore to fish creeks or shoreline banks...or i can go deep into boat wont get more than dented. with a 25hp motor on my bass tracker i can get to1.0 mph for trolling or 38 mph for crossing my lake. It takes me 20 minutes to cross my 18 mi lake.

    a fiberglass boat can be fast which is why the big 225hp jobs are used in tournaments...if your not doing tournaments stick with aluminum.

  • 1 decade ago

    tin boats are loader when going over small waves and really slam down, fiberglass boats are hevier but are quiter that tinnys. also if you

    have a 2 stroke outboard on a tinnie bits of metal seem to ratle and make a hell of a noise,as the other answers said the tionnie would be better for your conditions hope this helps

  • 1 decade ago

    i agree with these guys, get a tin, fiber glass, although is my preference, but if you are going to fish in areas like that, get a tin and dont listen to anyone else. might as well resolve this now.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Aluminum makes more noise when you drop something .Fiberglass is heavier than Aluminum.

  • 1 decade ago

    Aluminum will hold up to the conditions you are fishing better.

  • 4 years ago
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