what are some curse words in other languages?

people piss me off sometimes and i want to curse at them without them know can u help me out

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    first of all, femmina means "femail" in italian. if you call a girl a Femmina, you are calling her a female, not a betch which is actually: troia.


    vaffanculo - vaf-fan-COO-loh - fock you/off!

    troia - troy-ah - betch

    puttana - poot-TAN-ah - whoire

    stronza/o - stron-sah/oh - stupid betch/asshole/turd

    vattene a fanculo, schifosa puttana - VAT-ten-eh ah fan-COO-loh sKee-FOZ-ah poot-TAN-ah - go fock yourself, nasty whoire!

    figlio di puttana - feel-yoh dee poot-TAN-ah - son of a betch

    cazzo! - cat-tso - fock!

    merda - mehr-dah - shet!

    porca puttana - por-cah poot-TAN-ah - god daam it!

    succhiami/leccami il cazzo - SOOK-kyam-ee/LEK-kam-ee eel cat-tso - sock my deck

    la mia professoressa e' una puttana del cazzo, che se ne vada a fanculo - my teacher is a focking betch, she can go fock herself!

    non vuoi uscire piu' con me? allora vaffanculo, brutta troia! - you don't want to go out with me anymore? then fock you, focking betch!

    quella puttana della mia professoressa mi ha dato un brutto voto sul mio saggio! - my betch teacher gave me a bad grade on my essay!

    ma quante puttane! per sicuro riusciremo a scopare della fica stanotte, ah amico? LE FESTE UNIVERSITARIE SONO LA FINE DEL MONDO! - so many betches! i'm sure we'll be able to fock some pussie tonight, huh friend? COLLEGE PARTIES ARE THE BOMB!

    questi pomodori sono troppo cari, vaffanculo questo negozio e Lei pure! - these tomatos are too expensive, fock this store and you (storeclerk) as well!

    sia che mi amate o che mi odiate, rimango sempre una vostra ossessione. sia che mi amate o che mi odiate, ecco la domanda. e se mi amate, allora vi ringrazio! se mi odiate --- andate a fanculo!

    love me or hate me, i'm still an obsession. love me or hate me, that is the question, and if you love me then thank you, if you hate me then --- fock you!

    lei mi vuole scopare...non mi vuole scopare...MI VUOLE SCOPARE! - she wants to fock me...she doesn't want to fock me...SHE WANTS TO FOCK ME!

    Source(s): i'm italian, in ogni senso.
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    Fick Dich Du Arschloch!

    Du Horensohn!


    Heilige Scheisse!

    Verdammter Mist!

  • 3 years ago

    those who can do, those who can not, teach. As a instructor with as a lot preparation as you declare to have, you should imagine so you might comprehend extra effectual than to make extensive generalizations about thousands of thousands of different individual human beings. As a libertarian conservative, i locate studying languages to be exciting. I actual DO have a occupation or maybe as i'm not fluent in something except English, i comprehend some distance more suitable than in basic terms the curse words in Spanish, German, Danish, Arabic or maybe some Latin and Gaelic. also, your obvious lack of awareness of the U. S. protection rigidity is apparent by using your ridicule of LTC Gross. You obviously do not comprehend how we function or promote provider-contributors contained in the U. S. protection rigidity. below 5% of officials contained in the U. S. protection rigidity will ever even GET to the rank of LTC. below a million% will ever make it to the overall Officer ranks. Making it to LTC, tremendously after beginning out as an enlisted soldier like LTC Gross has, is a pretty success. fairly of creating extensive generalizations that teach your lack of intelligence, perchance you should take advantage of a few of those gaining knowledge of skills you had to have had in case you fairly gained an MA in "reading professional". obviously that's an in-call for occupation direction that's probable completely valueless to everyone except you.

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    machah sag

    madar gai




    Madar Chod


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    1 decade ago

    Here are some in French:

    Va te faire foutre, trouduc

    Fils de pute

    Fous le camp

    Petite pute

    Va t'empaler encule

    maudite vache

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    5 years ago

    finnish curse words

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    3 years ago

    It takes ten seconds for YAnswers webpage to display for me to be able to click on [add your answer] box. is my computer slow??

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    (Greek) Malaka ( D#ck head)

    (Spanish) Actravio ( Sxy )

    (Italian) Talpa (Mole)

    (Italian) Merda ( Shxt )

    (Italian) Femmina ( Bxtch)

    (Greek) Skila ( Dog/ Bxtch)

    (Greek) Boutana ( Sl*t )

    Source(s): Im greek and italian i no more cruse words in italian but i speak greeek fluently
  • sooka- ***** in russian

    peezda- pussy in russian

    kuso- damn in japanese

    you could look these things up on google but most of them are made up and incorrect.

  • 3 years ago

    Mader Chode

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