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will my betta do this or will it work for him?

one of these


will i be able to train it with this?i really want to know because i want to train my betta to do these stuff but i am not sure if it will?

will it?

it is a male and it is in a 10 gallon tank.


what about a female betta

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    BETTAS are very clever but very private fish. teaching him to swim threw things is possible but only if he's plasid! they are teretorial and agressive normaly and you will just anger and stress him

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    I think betta will be hard to train~ I've seen goldfish and an oscar do tricks like that but I think betta are not those kind of fish that's very interested in food ... it would be like training your cat to do tricks...I thinks that some cichild will be able to learn the tricks as well as goldfish and carp( koi) .... but hey why not give it a try ..who knows maybe your betta might be a genuis

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    Betas are pretty sedentary fish. He will probably swim thru the tunnel thing but as far as moving the soccer ball and football goes, I seriously doubt it. You would need a stronger, more active fish and Betas are not it. Maybe a Giant Danio would, if you didn't want to use a Goldfish like in the video. Hope this helps,


    Source(s): 4 Years Beta Breeding
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    You can train a fish to do cool tricks like that by rewarding it with food but there is a catch. it takes a long time and you better off using a smarter fish like a gold fish or chichlid. im not sure a beta has the mental capacity to do the more complicated tricks, but you could probobly train it to go through the hoop or tunnel

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    It takes a while to get them to do it, but it should work. Bettas are intelligent fish, and I've known people who have made this work with goldfish.

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    I don't see why not. Betta are pretty smart fish.

  • Andre
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    i don't think so but i have seen goldfish and oscars do it and oscars learn to jump out of the water for food and they follow you

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Im not sure thats gonna happen to be honest, it's fixed

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