The A Team movie..who would you like to see play Murdoc , B.A , Hannibal & Face...I would like to see..?

JIM CARREY as Murdoc (He is perfect for the role & looks just like a younger Dwight Swartz!..but he's probably too big of an actor.)

ICE CUBE as B.A (Definitely Cube,he has the scowl down & looks kinda like the younger T & he'll pull it off great I heard some talk that lame @ss Tyrese would be playing him! Hopefully friggin not!)

GEORGE CLOONEY as Hannibal (He's the best I could think of right now...theres a B-list actor that looks alot like George Peppard he might be good but I can't remember his name right now.)

and finally..BRAD PITT as Face (He has the pretty boy finish & I think he'd do a good job at the coning & womanizing)

...what do you guys think?


Btw..anyone know if this movie is gonna be a reality soon?...& if so,when it's actually gonna come out? I heard a rumor about them wanting to make one.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would choose Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) as Murdoc, Kimbo Slice (played Bludge in the Drake & Josh Christmas movie; as B.A. I like your choices of George Clooney for Hannibal, and Brad Pitt as Face.

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