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Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano?

Open letter to The Honorable Janet Napolitano


I heard your apology this morning on Fox News for "including" Military Veterans in the Right Wing Extremist "For OFFICIAL Use Only" Warning that has been released to local law enforcement and other government agencies. She says she regrets "the inclusion of Military in this report" and "an apology is owed" . We are still waiting for it!

Does that mean you would not include Military Veterans in the Classified Version also?

People remember that this is the FOUO version and then there is the original report that these FOUO thirteen pages came from. That original is Classified (what level unknown).

Do you Janet Napolitano believe that US Military are potential Domestic Terrorists? I think you do.

To the Department of Homeland Security aren't we on the same side to defend this nation?

Why are Military members a threat? Because we have skills? the tools? The Abilities?

Does that make every female a potential prostitute? They have the skills, the tools and the ability?

In the report it mentions Timmy McVeigh. He was prior military. Does that also make every College Professor a domestic terrorist because of Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground?

I heard this once i don't know where but it seems to hold water.

A Government that fears its citizens should be feared.

TSgt USAF Retired

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    What really bothers me is the amatuerish handling of that report. Yes, DHS has to keep an eye on domestic extremist groups and be able to detect when an extremist group transorms into a terrorist group.

    However, the report is pure amatuer hour as it makes several assumptions and confuses legitemite dissent with extremism. In fact - unless some serious damage control is done real fast - this report may become a self-fulfilling phrophecy as it can push people who fall into the legitemite dissent class into the extremist class.

    Another thing that concerns me about this report is the fact that there are no active 'right-wing' terrorist orginizations in the US. However ther are active 'left wing' terrorist orginizations (PETA, Earth First, etc).

    Discussing only the potential for violence from one end of the political spectrum without also discussing the same possibilities from the other end is nothing more than political bigotry masquerading as a policy study.


    Source(s): I am working on my Master's Degree in Homeland Security with a focus on terrorism and counterterrorism and I would be lucky to get a C- if I turned in a paper like that.
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    I support it and hope it passes this year. This doesnt benefit criminals. Its helping students be productive towards this country. They were raised here and know nothing else but America. Most of this kids didnt assimilate because in reality they were raised as americans. You as adults may be racist and judgemental towards this subject but in reality your kids are their peers. They are good students and some are valedictorians worthy of many scholarship, which ofcourse they dont take. And even with the country against them they work hard and safe money so they can go to school. They hope and dream for the best. So even when people are yelling in their faces that their not worth it they still push on and study because they know that someday they will prove their worth.

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    How can any American feel secure with this chicken s#it woman in charge. Its just another example of Obama looking for the most anti-Americans he can find to put in his cabinet.

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    "Honorable(?) Janet Napolitano, Honorable, my ***! Just that much more of the credibility of the Obama administration going down the tubes.

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    That was a mighty pitiful excuse of an apology.

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    I would love to spit some beechnut in that dudes eye and shot her with my old 45, cause a bible clutching gun owning veteran who hates abortion can survive.

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    With all due respect: GET A BLOG. I won't even address the fallacies in your post.

    Why are the Right pretending to be obtuse? They are pretending, right?

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    What do you expect? She has no life! - Ed Rendell

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