Spiritually speaking, when you answer a question in R&S...?

...would you prefer that you could see who thumbs-upped or thumbs-downed your R&S answers, (similar to how you can see who starred your questions) or do you like it the way it is (anonymous)?

What are the reasons for your preference?

Thank you for your answers,
The Marlboro Man
Update: Lime Kitty: Really? Who do you think it is who thumbs-downs you?
Update 2: Sirius: LOL!

Galaxie, you're probably right. It would just increase the feuding on this forum.
Update 3: Oscar: Good answer. Thank you.
Update 4: (((QOY)))
Update 5: Jeff: Cool. Thank you for your answer.

R!4z: LOL!
Update 6: Anim4llov3r: Hahaha!

(((Wayf))) I agree. I could be friends with many people here in real life even though we disagree on certain issues.

Update 7: toomordgs: I agree. It's nice to see that people actually read an answer, even if they disagree.

Eric/Linz: I'd prefer keeping it the way it is too.
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