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If the Ninja had various hand to hand fighting styles, how would that stand up against the Spartans Pankration?

Pankration itself seems to have been an awesome fighting style itself. Shame it went extinct long ago and was resurrected through research & pottery artwork.

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    ninjas were stealthy they didn't just walk up and fight they would sneakily attack their enemies, they were assassins and spies, they weren't a combat class they were sent to kill you or gather information on you.

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    ninjas didn't fair very well in direct fights against any other style really. so in a head to head fight a spartan would whip the ninja. ninjas were covert ops specialists, so it would be more likely the ninja would sneak up on the spartan and try to assassinate them.

    and on the edit: pankration is a very effective martial art, i train in it and i have nothing but good stuff to say about it. just figured i'd throw that out there.

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  • 4 years ago

    Look in the phone book under "martial arts instruction". Actually the art of the ninja not only involves weapons, but it involves multiple weapons. In the area where the ninja originated it was illegal for ordinary citizens to own weaponry. Therefore, the art evolved around the use of improvised weaponry and/or common objects put to use as weapons. For example the blade used to harvest grain used as a weapon is know as the "comma", the ordinary walking stick used as a weapon is known as the "staff", etc....

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